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Freedom from a Fence

Our fence is going in today. It seems like such a small thing to have happen, but when you have a pain in the butt dog – it matters. It matter big time! We now have the freedom to open our back door without our dog squeezing around us and playing catch me if you can throughout the neighborhood. And we all know this happens when your hands are completely full with a baby and soccer gear, you are already 10 minutes late and nobody is around to help. I’ve even done it in the middle of the night wearing only my pajamas and no shoes after a fresh snow. It’s not fun and this fence is worth every penny!

Awww… Freedom

Before Fence

Village Cape Cod - New Fence00001

After Fence

Village Cape Cod - New Fence00002

Let me mention the time I tried it myself. When we first moved in this side of the fence was falling down, so I thought “How hard would it be to stretch the existing fence and add a pole to reinforce it?” There is a reason why there are professionals out there!
You have to have the following tools:
Fence 2


Let’s just say it was majorly uneven and didn’t look quite right. At least I know a little about fences now. Mainly that I can never mend one myself. I will just stick to sewing (which I don’t claim to be a pro at by any means.)

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