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First Night in the New House

New to us anyway. We are staying with my mother-in-law while we do our construction. We are very lucky to have a place to stay instead of having another expense of renting a house on top of the rebuild.

Our first night we had no other choice, but to sleep like babies. We are all so worn out with working full time and then coming home to finish packing and trying to put some sort of order to our chaotic life. We are fortunate that my mother-in-law has patience for all the mess we dumped in her living room until I get the chance to fully organize everything.

Closet Mess

Bedroom Mess

I am trying to confine our stuff to one place, but it’s pretty hard to keep the girls from leaving things laying around. Once we get more organized, I am hoping to get into a routine so they will know where to put their stuff.

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