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First Major Step – The Architect

In September of 2012, we began the start of the rebuild by interviewing several architects. Jay really liked one particular house by us and he was able to figure out who designed it. We pretty much choose them based on that and the fact that they worked with a lot of cape cods around our town. At first the rates were incredibly high, but we were able to negotiate them down to a reasonable price in which we could all agree on. I think our main advantage was that we were entering into winter time and it was a slow period for them. Not to mention that we weren’t in a huge hurry to get the drawings done, since we weren’t 100% certain that we were going through with everything. We had several meetings to redesign both floors and we finally came up with the these below:





We aren’t 100% set in stone on how our kitchen is laid out. We just told him to throw it out there for now. We did flip the dining room and our kitchen, so our kitchen has easier access to the mud room where we are going to put a bigger pantry.

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