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Finishing the Upstairs

The crew was able to finish the rest of the demo and move all of it into the dumpster. Next steps will deciding on all of the plumbing and electrical.
After the demo, we noticed that the ceilings are peaked in the Master Bedroom and Maren’s Bedroom. We thought that it would make the room interesting, so we decided to keep them peaked when we put in the new ceiling. We also are trying to come up with some interesting uses for the knee walls. Maybe some chest of drawers or more bookcases? Hopefully Pinterest will have some good ideas on both. If Maren had it her way she would get a bed like one of these:
Pinterest 2


Knee Wall Ideas:
Knee Wall 2

Knee Wall

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Demo Complete 2

Master Bedroom Demo Complete 3

Master Bedroom Demo Complete 4

Master Bedroom Demo Complete

Master Bath

Master Bath Demo Complete 2

Master Bath Demo Complete 3

Master Bath Demo Complete



Maren’s Bedroom

Upstairs Bedroom Demo Complete 2

Upstairs Bedroom Demo Complete 3

Upstairs Bedroom Demo Complete 4

Upstairs Bedroom Demo Complete

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