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Finding the Perfect Match

In an ideal world Jay and I would run this project together and eliminate the need and costs for a contractor. Realistically, neither of us are cut out for a job of this size. We both work full time. We have kids with crazy schedules and at this point in my pregnancy I would rather sleep then pick out tile. With that said we headed out to find the builder that would be perfect. When we first started thinking seriously (not counting my 3 year dream, but more recently since I got Jay on board) we engaged a contractor friend of ours for his thoughts on our rebuild and if it would be worth it. He turned into a great adviser and someone we knew we could trust, but we also wanted to do a sanity check and make sure that he truly was the right pick. We did ask others to provide estimates and liked a couple of them, but we just kept circling back to our friend. Turns out he was the right choice. I think that it is important to fully trust the person who is about to rip down your exterior walls.

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