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Filled Foundation & Upstairs Demolished

Today was one of the busiest days to date. They filled in all of the foundation with gravel and dirt and tore down the walls upstairs. They haven’t completed the cleanup, but it was crazy to see everything they were able to get done in a day.

Our dumpster is now full:
Full Dumpter

Front of the House

Filled Foundation Front

Back of the House

Filled Foundation Back

Filled Foundation Back 2

Back Filled 3

Filled Foundation Back 3

Filled Foundation Back 4

Living Room

They were able to get the last wall down. We decided to go ahead and redo all of the walls, so they will all look nice and smooth. At first we decided we wouldn’t to save cost, but it didn’t add to much to redo them all. The downstairs bedroom and living room were the only walls that wouldn’t have been touched.

Living Room Demo 2

Living Room Demo

Downstairs Bedroom (Alexa’s Room)

Downstairs Room Demo

Downstairs Room Demo 2

Master Bedroom

Master Demo 2

Master Demo 3

Master Demo 4

Master Demo

Master Bath

Master Bath 2

Master Bath 3

Master Bath

Upstairs Hallway

Hallway 2


Upstair’s Bedroom (Maren’s Room)

Upstairs Demo 2

Upstairs Demo 3

Upstairs Demo 4

Upstairs Demo 5

Upstairs Demo 6

Upstairs Demo

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