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Exterior Trim Paint Prep – Part 2

Many small things happened today and a few big things. They started in with prepping and spraying our trim on the exterior of the house. My favorite thing was hearing a little girl walking by asking her mom why our house was polka dotted. Her mom had to explain to her that it wouldn’t stay that way.

Front of the House – Prep for Paint

Front of the House - Painted Trim (2)

Front of the House - Painted Trim

Back of the House – Prep for Paint

Back of the House - Painted Trim

West Side of the House – Prep for Paint

West Side of the House Prep

East Side of the House – Prep for Paint

East Side Prep

New Air Conditioning Unit

They also put in our air conditioning unit. I will have to think of a way to better blend it into our house. Right now it’s a pretty big eye sore.

Air Conditioner Unit

Living Room – Fireplace

All of the trim wood is out, so I got a better shot of the fireplace. I really like how this turned out. I made sure that we did static shelves, so that it didn’t have the punched holes in the side. I don’t mind them on the bookcases upstairs, but I didn’t want them on a big piece like this.
Fireplace Full Width

Laundry Room

I finally got a shot of the laundry room. All of the carpenter tools are out of this room, so they didn’t have to lock it up in the evenings anymore. See how there is a dropdown in the center? I had to have them go back in and fix it since I need to be able to sit there and sew. They also left a small 1 inch gap so that I can run my fabric through it easily.
Laundry Room Redo (2)

Laundry Room Redo

Maren’s Bedroom – Bookcase

They put the trim on the nook in Maren’s bedroom today. It’s looking a lot better, but I am not fully love it. I think when the walls and trim are painted it will look a lot better.
Maren's Bedroom Bookcase Nook Trim (2)

Maren's Bedroom Bookcase Nook Trim (3)

Maren's Bedroom Bookcase Nook Trim

Here is a shot of Maren’s hallway trim. I have no clue how they are going to trim the arch. You can also see that they had to move the cabinet into the bathroom. I think they may have had to remove the door frame to fit it in because of its size.
Maren's Hallway Trim

Master Bathroom – Tile

They added our shower bench today. I guess I assumed it was just going to be tiled like the shower walls, but they did one big slab instead. I like the solid piece of marble though and I think I prefer it this way.
Master Bathroom Shower Bench

They also worked more on our tile on both the walls and floors.
Master Bathroom Tile Lay

Master Bedroom

Check out the arch. Just like in Maren’s room they have this arch that they are going to have to put trim around. I assumed that it would just be sheet rock with no trim. I am curious to see how this turns out.
Master Bedroom Curve Trim

They also added back Jay’s nook. The sheet rock guys thought the hole was an accident and filled it back in. The carpenters had to come back out and recut it.
Master Bedroom Nook Redo

Mudroom – Locker Built-ins

I love our mudroom lockers (Union Locksmith). These are turning out great. At first I wasn’t sure about them until after they made a few modifications. Each kid will have their own locker and Jay and I will get to share. Below is an image of the hooks I bought to go in them with our initials. I have no clue yet what we are naming the baby boy, so I just bought the initials from our short list. I can always return the ones we don’t use.
Mudroom Lockers Redo

Anthropologie Initial Hooks

Click here to go to Anthropologie’s website.

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