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Even More Outlets and Electrical Wiring

We were gone for a few days, so its always fun to come home to see what was done. They did more HVAC, wiring, outlets, framing and they laid our first tile. Also, all of the siding on the back of the house is complete and the windows in Maren’s room are installed.

Front of the House

Front of the House - Wiring (2)

Front of the House - Wiring (3)

Front of the House - Wiring

Font of House Wiring of Outlets

Back of the House

Maren’s windows in her room are up and we have all of the siding complete on the back.
Back of the House - Maren's Windows

Back of the House - Maren's Windows (2)

Back of the House - Marens Windows

You can see all the wiring they did for the outdoors, so we can have good placement for electricity. Older homes like ours generally don’t have enough outlets outside.
Back of the House - Bottom Porch Wiring

We decided to tile the top and bottom porch instead of leaving it plain cement or using wood. We know we aren’t the type to stain the wood every year to maintain it, so Jay researched and found a simple way of tiling it with flamed granite. We only will have to seal it every couple of years, but besides that it’s pretty hands off for maintenance. We bought almost all of our tile through the Tile Shop, so once we decided to go with tile we set out to look again for the best price and the Tile Shop was able to beat everyone else. Even with our contractor’s discount at other places. Here is the link to the tile we bought from the Tile Shop: Tile Shop – Flamed Granite Flamed Granite We figured the flamed granite would give it a texture so it wasn’t as slippery if it got wet, plus we like how earthy it looks to look like it fits the outdoors better. The Tile Shop had it in the a kitchen for their example when we went to go look at it.

Back of the House - Upper Porch Tile (2)

Back of the House - Upper Porch Tile

East Side of the House

Nothing new going on here, but I figured that it would be nice to show the latest update.
East Side of the House Wiring

West Side of the House

All the wiring is in for the west side of the house.
West Side of the House Wiring

Maren’s Room

Check out Maren’s new windows. They are finally in to complete the room. They are also framing in the fireplace. We wanted to leave the nice portion of the wood exposed, so they are making a mantel like shelf for her.
Maren's Room Windows and Fireplace Framing

Living Room

The living room mantel is being framed in and we are ready for the bookcases to be built.
Living Room Fireplace Framing

This is what we are thinking about (minus the TV):

Traditional Family Room by Novato Kitchen & Bath Designers Julie Williams Design

Thank goodness for Houzz!

Dining Room

Dining Room HVAC and Wiring

Dining Room Wiring


Kitchen Wiring

Front Room

The sconce wiring went in this week.
Front Room Fireplace Wiring - Sconce

Master Bedroom

They curved our arches separating our reading area with where our bed will be.
Master Bedroom Framing

Upstairs Hallway

They got all of our bookcases framed in.
Upstairs Hallway Bookcase Framing


Crazy wires. I hope they know where these all go too. This looks crazy, but I know they all belong to something. I am shocked there aren’t more to be honest with all the wiring going on upstairs.
Basement Wiring

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