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DIY World Map

I’ve been seeing all these awesome World Map paintings everywhere, so I decided to attempt to do one myself. It’s very tedious, but it was well worth it.

VCC World Map Final Shots


World Map Materials>

Step 1: Print Map

There is a great website that lets you pick the number of 8X11 pages. I picked the world map with 4 pages. Here is the website:

You will want to print two (2) copies. You will trace over one and then cut the other printed copy.

Step 2 :: Tape Down Paper

Position the map onto your board to where you like it.

Step 2 Tape Down Paper

Step 3 :: Trace Over the Paper

I used a seam ripper to trace over the map. The reason I do this is to make the positioning of the map on the board easier once you cut them out. This kept me from having to be careful on the positioning or lining everything up correctly.

Step 3 Trace Over Paper

Step 4 :: Stain Your Board

I stained my board in an ebony stain. You could also leave it with the light color if you want, but I wanted that rich color.

Step 4 Stain Your Board

Step 4 Stain All

Step 5 :: Cut Out & Glue Down the Pictures

This is the hard step. It takes a while and I couldn’t convince any of the kids to help me out! I was really hoping to have some teamwork on this part. I never realized how many islands there are.

Step 5 Cut and Glue Shapes

Step 5 Cut and Glue Shapes 2 Close-upjpg

Step 5 Cut and Glue Shapes 3 All

Step 6 :: Spray Paint Board

You can spray the board once the map is cutout and pasted down. I did three layers to finally get the stain covered up.

Step 6 Spray Paint Board

Step 7 :: Peel Off Paper

You think this would be a simple task, but the glue has to be cleaned off as well. Make sure you do this or you sandpaper will get all gooey.

Step 7 Peel Off Board

Step 8 :: Sand Picture

Now that your world is popping out, start sanding. Keep the sander in different spots for a while to get that worn, used look.

Step 8 Sand Paper

Step 9 :: Mount Brackets and Hang

I bought these at Lowe’s in the nail aisle. I placed them 3 inches in on both sides and used picture hanging wire to hang it.

Step 9 Mount Picture

Final Shots

Here are the final shots. Still not loving my dark entry table, but the white helps to balance out all the darkness and brightens up that spot a little.

World Map Final Shots 4

World Map Final Shots 2

World Map Final Shots 3


I thought about adding a key or something else in the US to symbolize home and give a 3D feeling. Not 100% sure yet, but it’s never too late.


Key 2

Which angle do you like? Should I not add it or should I?

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