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Dieting For the Nook

Jay came up with idea to stencil the inside of the nook. (He also came up with the idea to put nooks in during our rebuild.) Even though it was his idea, he wasn’t so sure if he would like it. I instantly took advantage of the situation by placing a bet. If I won, I got to stencil the nook. If he won, I had to clean the basement. Either way I ended up having to do some sort of work.

The bet? Simple, we just had to try the juice diet and the first to give up would lose. Easy enough, right? We lasted a total of 5 days of living off of juice and lettuce. Let me tell you, it was an emotional week. I would have eaten onions if they were put in front of me and anyone that knows me would know that that is beyond desperate.


Before Nook 2

Before Nook

Not exactly beautiful. Even with the girls’ sculptures in them.


I fell in love with this stencil because it is very similar to my blog background.


You can find a million blogs that explain how to stencil, but here is a quick explanation of what I did. The first step is to measure the center of the space you are stenciling. Then you line up the center of your stencil to that spot and tape the edges down with painters tape.

During 2

Next you want to dab on your paint lightly. The stencil will stick down as you dab and you will work from the center out to the edges. They sell stencil paintbrushes, but I used a $.59 cent foam brush from JoAnn’s.

During 3

As I got closer to the edges, I had to chop up my stencil. There were times I just traced the missing part with a pencil and painted it in with a stiff paint brush.

During 4

See how it looks like my blog background!


This nook will do for now, but I am sure I will trade it out for something else by next year.

After Nook

After Nook 3

After Nook 2

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