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Curtains for Coen (Roman Shades)

I finally finished the roman shades for Coen’s room and let me tell you – it was not easy. It was mainly because I had to purchase a ton of different things to make it and they weren’t from the same stores. By the end I went to Lowe’s 2 times, JoAnn’s 3 times and Hobby Lobby once. Even with some of the mistakes, I loved how they turned out and I owe it all to this site:

She does an amazing job at explaining everything step by step to guide you through the process. I also love that these have wood dowels to make the curtain lay flat when it is raised. I had a pair my mother-in-law made for us that didn’t and they would squish up weird.

Here are some tips to share prior to you starting in at doing your own (if you choose to use Brown Paper Package’s instructions.)

1. Use blackout material for the backing. It costs just as much as any other backing (around $6.99 a yard) and it works really well. Coen never wakes up due to the sun now and his day naps go so much smoother.

2. I read several blogs about how to make roman shades prior to doing this project and this one showed me Roman Shade Tube Tape to use instead of the ring tape.

Roman Shade Tube Tape

3. This is not going to be done in an hour. It takes a little bit, but well worth it. I know that the next one I make will go super fast. I already have plans for Maren’s room and the Living Room.

4. Use a countersink when hanging your curtains. This was my favorite part, because I got to learn something new. I never had used or owned a countersink, but I bought one for $3.50 at Lowe’s and it makes it look a little more professional. Basically it is used to not only pre-drill the hole, but it also will indent it a little so the screw doesn’t stick out.


5. Buy enough of the Roman Shade cord. It’s only $.99, so you might as well pickup a lot of it. It will run throughout the shade so I always load up on it.

6. Buy these little guys to control the cord. Not only can you lock your shades in place, but you don’t have to put more screws in your wood by putting a cord anchor on the side of your window.

I learned a lot and made a few mistakes, but overall I loved how they turned out.

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