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My first thought several years ago was to add a Jack & Jill bathroom and a bedroom to our upstairs. I figured it would be a pretty simple feat since it would be only adding a second story on top of an already existing living room. My husband immediately said no but to go ahead and have contractors bid it out. To my surprise we had bids that came in that were $50,000 dollars in price difference and I had no clue who to trust. Do we take the low ball offer and hope for the best or go with the one that my gut instinct was telling me that I could trust him? All contractors seemed to have great experience and could point out several homes that they worked on in our area. Lucky for me, I didn’t end up needing to decide, because my husband still held at a firm no.

Now jumping in our time machines 3 years into the future, we set out to do a rebuild. I am not fully sure what happened, but somehow I had my hubby on board and I am not about to risk it and ask any questions.

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