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Command Center

I’ve been wanting to do a command center to put all of our families major dates down. Here is everything that we would like the command center to take control of.

Command Center Duties

  • Place to put bills
  • Organize Dates / Schedules
  • Chore List
  • Grocery List
  • Coupon Storage
  • Credit & Store Card Holder
  • Weekly Meals
  • Here is the space I am planning on putting the command center. We don’t use this space as much as we anticipated, so hopefully we will get more use out of it when we put in the command center.

    Future Command Center

    I can find a lot of the products at IKEA now that it is open. Any excuse to go back and shop! I’ve been once since it’s opening and I am trying to refrain from going back until it calms down.

    Command Center Mood Board Numbers

    Mood Board

  • 1 :: IKEA Magazine Rack
  • 2 :: Chalk Board (old picture frame from a Garage Sale)
  • 3 :: Bill / Coupon Basket
  • 4 :: Wall Hook
  • My initial thoughts with the space are in the following two images. I think I will have to go with the first one due to the way the doors open. The garage door would constantly hit the basket, unless I move it to the right of the picture frame. Plus the magazine rack would look better.

    ideas 2


    Here are some of the mood boards that I drew inspiration from.

    Pottery Barn Command Center



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