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Cloche / Glass Terrarium

I have had this glass dome on my kitchen counter since Christmas time that I have been trying to figure out what to do with. I did a quick search on Pinterest and saw some neat ideas on what to do, but I wanted something really simple. Here where some of my favorites:

Cloche of Thread | Pinterest

Privet Shrub Cloche | Pinterest

Plant Succulents | Pinterest

Glass Dome; Ikea Plant | Pinterest

Island Cottage Glass Dome | Pinterest

I finally decided I would try out a terrarium. The thought of bringing a plant into my house is intimidating considering that I can kill cacti within a month of getting them, but from what I read the glass dome helps to keep the plant moist.

I ended up going to Lowe’s and for $3.98 minus my 10% discount, I was able to get a pretty neat indoor Jade Plant. I know nothing about this plant, but I liked how the leaves looked.

Next I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a pot at 30% off making it $4.00.

I stuck it in my glass dome and hopefully it survives the Adams’s house.
Village Cape Cod - Glass Cloche 00001

Village Cape Cod - Glass Cloche 00002

Village Cape Cod - Glass Cloche 00003

Next I need to work on the table itself. I really need to add a picture or something to the wall. Slowly the house will get decorated.

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