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Chimney, HVAC and Plumbing – Oh My

This weekend was the first time we didn’t have sports (we did have Saturday morning golf lessons, Alexa had a birthday party to go to and I had a Saturday middle of the night code deployment), but overall it was a pretty low key weekend. Our contractor asked us to get the rest of the stuff out of the basement, so they can get the rest of the wiring and plubming done. The crew also worked all weekend long and got the new front door frame installed, more HVAC done (more from HVAC Direct), finished the chimney and a ton of other small things around the house.

Here are the latest updates to the house:


They added the new bathtub to the downstairs bathroom.

New Bathtub

Our dining room plumbing is going in as well. We are going to have a drink center and all of our electronics in a cabinet in this room. Mark (our contractor) mentioned that he could put in a vent into our cabinets to cool everything, which we thought was a great idea.
Start of Plumbing

Kitchen plumbing is coming along. Once my cousin who is a plumber from the Inner West in Sydney gets here, we are going to have a full sink under the window and a smaller one in our island.
Start of Kitchen Plumbing

You can see the rough sketch of our island. We made it into an “L” shape so that our stools can be pushed under and they are not sitting out in the open. It’s a pretty small in width island, but long.
Sketch of Kitchen Island

Maren’s Bathroom shower’s plumbing was put in today, we can all learn more from an expert at Whitton Plumbing.
Marens Bedroom Copper Plumbing

You can also see how much plumbing throughout her room to her bathroom.
Maren's Bedroom Plumbing Start

They also put the copper plumbing in the baby’s room too.
Babys Room Copper Plumbing

More plumbing in the baby’s room for the shower.
Babys Room Plumbing

Back of the House

The chimney was finished today. You can still see the mismatch in brick, but after the grout dries it should be better.
Back of the House Chimney Finish

Back of the House Chimney Finish (2)

Back of the House Chimney Finish (3)

They also finished off the back porch ceiling.
Back Porch Ceiling

Maren’s Room Chimney

Maren’s room is almost all sided. They can finish it now that the chimney is done.
Marens Room Chimney

Marens Room Chimney (2)


Our new air conditioner is in! This is in a different location then we had it before.


We had to organize the basement this weekend and we still aren’t 100% through. Below is our trash pile that we created while cleaning. The crazy part is that it didn’t seem like we started with much, but we were using part of the basement as temporary storage. They also took down a hanging shelf we had with all of our seasonal decorations on it that we had to sort through and move.
Hope this website will be useful in case you decided to have some updates, too.

Basement Trash Pile

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