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Cement Is Poured

This morning we crossed our fingers in hopes that the rain held off. It sprinkled a little in the morning, but everyone working pushed through it and got the cement footings in the front and back in place. Tomorrow they plan to demo inside since they have to wait 3 days for the cement to harden. We had to cover up the piano and move everything in our basement towards the front of the house. I also pulled out all of the sliding drawers in the kitchen to reuse for other projects.

Front of the House

Cement Is Poured 3

Cement Is Poured 4

Back of the House

Cement Is Poured 5

Cement Is Poured 2

Cement Is Poured 6

Cement Is Poured 7

Oh and we also got our Johnny on the Spot. I wonder why they didn’t put it in the back yard?
Johnny On The Spot

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