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Maker Faire of Kansas City 2015

My girls received their acceptance letter into the Maker Faire of Kansas City event in June and we are so excited for the opportunity. They came up with a product called “Wearing Wishes.” They are creating wish bracelets and donating half of their profit to Lee Anne Britain Infant Development Center.


{I will post their designs as they come!}

Have you heard of Maker Faire yet? If not, you are missing out. It is a place for people to show off their amazing work. Check out their site here: http://www.makerfairekc.com/

I’m back… at least for now.

Yep, it’s been a long time. Why? Not really sure, really. Just felt like a break was needed. The projects kept happening and I still thrift shopped, but I felt like a break was needed. I wonder if all bloggers / writers do this? I know about the time I started to drift off with my own blog, 2 of my favorite blogs decided to put a stop on it as well! Younghouselove.com and 7thhouseontheleft.com. Not sure if that triggered my absence or not…

Good news though. I am back and I have a ton to share! I may fall off again, but for now I am eager to get started!

Did I mentioned soooooooooooo many things have happened since I last posted. Coen turned 1, Alexa had her first Volleyball Game and Maren is still my awesome assistant on projects!

Wooden Bead Necklace

The supplies for this necklace were under $5! Plus my girls and I can make any color we want as long as we can find a stretchy, thin knit. It needs to be thin in order to get the really tight knots. See below for the rest of the instructions.

Necklace resized

Make two, three or 4 strands for this necklace!

Supplies Cloth and Beads resized

Supplies Glue Gun and Scissors resized

Step 1 Cut Fabric Resized

40″ in length will give you plenty of room to tie. Once the necklace is complete, you can cut off the excess.

Step 2 Tie Knot in Middle - Copy

Start with a knot in the center of your fabric.

Step 3 Fold over fabric - Copy

Open the fabric up and fold it over the knot evenly.

Step 4 Add Dot of Glue - Copy

This step is optional, but I added a drop of glue to the fabric to hold the bead in place.

Step 5 Put Wood bead on top - Copy

Place your bead on top of the glue. I made sure that the hole was on the knot. If not, it may show through the fabric.

Step 6 Fold fabric over bead

After placing the bead, fold the fabric back over it fully covering the bead.

Step 7 Tie Tight Knot resized

Tie a really tight knot near the top of the bead. If for any reason the fabric doesn’t fully wrap around the bead, you can add a drop of glue and squish the fabric together. I did 16 beads for the first necklace and the reduced each additional strand by 2.

Step 8a Tie Stands together with knot

Step 9 Tie Stands together with knot

Tie the strands together by lining up the last bead on each strand and tying near the base. If you have three or more strands you can braid them together and tie a knot at the top.

Let me know what your ideas are! I can imagine this with big giant beads for little ones or brighter colors.

Amy Adams and I Have 2 Things in Common….

The obvious on is our name and the second one is that we both gave up a first class seat to someone.

Here is Amy Adams’s story if you haven’t heard yet.




Here is my story.

I was running late to my Sunday night flight to get me to my soldering school for the Air Force Reserves (jealous already, right?). When I got there the airline told me that even though the flight hadn’t even arrived to pick us up that they could not allow me to be on the flight. It was right after 9-11, so everyone was really touchy still and rules where in a lock down. After a few exchanged words between each other (which most likely was the reason I wound up on the no fly list) it was decided that the flight would leave without me once it came. After sitting there watching the plane arrive, load and take-off, the airline gave me the option to standby on the next flight. The trick was that the flight wasn’t full leaving Kansas City, but it looked packed on my connecting flight. I had no choice but to risk it.

I was able to make my Kansas City flight, so I ran to the Customer Service desk to see where I was at on the stand-by list. They said unfortunately it didn’t look very good and to top it all, it was the last flight for the night. Not only did I not know where I would stay that night, but I was also upset b/c this would cause me to be late to my class the next day. Not good. Being late for anything for the military is never a good thing. So my only option was to beg and plead to be on the next flight. I even offered to do the jump seat or fly in the cargo area. The guy thought I was pretty funny (or desperate) and said that he hoped that I made it on, but couldn’t promise me anything.

Did that guy deliver? Not only did I get on the next flight, but I also had a first class ticket. Whew. I made it. I was sitting in my first class seat 100% relieved from this horrible day event when a lady sat down beside me. She had the same expressions I had, so I started a conversation with her. Basically she said that she had waited over 12 hours on stand-by and finally got on. She was happy about that, but unfortunately her 75 year old mother didn’t make it. Since she had to work the next day, they had decided that she would go first and her mom would fly out the next day.

Eventually, everyone loaded the plane. Then all of a sudden this old lady walked on who seemed very excited. As she approached I realized that the old lady was the women beside me’s mom. As she started to pass, I realized that these two should sit together and relax in first class. I knew they had a hard day and they both deserved it. Plus, I was truly happy to just be on the flight and I really didn’t care where to sit. Instantly, I told her to take my seat and I would take hers in coach. Both ladies were so sweet and thanked me over and over as I gathered my stuff to head to the back of the plane.

I finally got to the back and took my seat. As I was sitting there a stewardess came up to me and said in a very stern voice that I needed to come to the back of the plane. I instantly thought the lady I exchanged words with in the beginning of this day in Kansas City, somehow contacted her and that she was either going to jump me with the other stewardess friends or kick me off the plane. I just knew I was in trouble again…
As I headed to the back of the plane, the ladies back there basically started asking me a million questions as to why I would possibly give up my first class seat to this lady. They were convinced that the old lady forced me too. I kept apologizing and saying that I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to do that and that I just wanted to stay on the flight. I explained the whole story to them and they all started laughing. They said I wasn’t in trouble and one stewardess said that in 20 years she had never witnessed someone giving up their first class seat voluntarily. They promised from that moment on that they would treat me as if I was still in first class.

As I took my seat, so the plane could take off, they all kept coming up to me asking me if I need anything and giving me drinks and magazines. They even offered to package up a bottle of wine for the road, which I turned down. The couple next to me turned to me and asked if I was famous or something? I just said no and that I simply did something nice.

…and we are back

I took a few months off from blogging to play with our little man. Might I say he has grown so much into the cutest baby ever (of course I am partial.)


Things haven’t stopped going on at the Adams’s household. We have a lot of catching up to do. We are settling into the house and getting used to being parents of a baby. This has been awhile, so we are slowly getting the hang of it.

Here is a quick catchup of what has been going on with the house.

Living Room

We did a lot to this room and we are pretty much complete. The few things we have left are the curtains and a coffee table. I think we are going to go with a dark brown roman wood shade similar to what we had before and for now we aren’t concerned about the coffee table. We enjoy having the baby lay on the floor and play. Eventually we will get either an ottoman or a coffee table.

Can you spot the sleeping baby?




I also had to throw this image in. Its my favorite baby must have and I have been purchasing it as a present for any of my friends expecting. It come in handy to hold all baby essentials. I had one when Maren was younger, but it was a simple basket I had on the floor next to the couch. Nothing that looked this nice. I got mine off of Amazon here: Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White Waffle


Dining Room

The dining room is also pretty much done for the most part. One addition is our new highchair. Coen got it from Santa, but you can get it here: Summer Infant Bentwood High Chair
It’s nice to have Coen at the table with us when we are eating dinner, plus it turns into a toddler chair when he gets a little older.







The kitchen really didn’t need anything added to it. Eventually I would like to get a curtain, but I am pretty happy with everything right now. We did get new stools for the kids. They come in sets of 2, but we only needed three. Now we have a spare sitting in the basement. Ours is from Target, but you can find similar ones on Amazon here: Tabouret 24-inch Metal Counter Stools (Set of 2)





I have a lot still to do in this room. I want to make the boxes in the lockers have actual chalk board in them. Right now they are just black painted wood. I also want to add a hanger for the dog leash and frame a picture Jay got us after we found I was pregnant. Here it is so far:




Laundry Room

I did my first official sewing project this weekend in here and I loved it. It was so much easier then the closet I had before.







So that’s our quick catch up. We still have so much to do with this house and eventually we will get to it.


I have to be banned from the house again due to all the paint fumes in combination with my baby bump. You can smell the fumes all the way from the sidewalk. I don’t know how the painters do it everyday. The crazy part is that they have only started working on the stairs and staining our downstairs bathroom vanity and our kitchen island.

Front of the House - Banned

Luckily, I am kept busy with the new driveway, picking out paint colors, finishing up on lighting choices and everything else left for the house. It’s hard not to go in and see everything as it happens though. At least Jay can run in really quick and take a few snapshots of everything happening. He even brought some of the cabinet doors to me to see the coloring.

Below is what is going on with the driveway as of Friday. Notice the missing tree to the right of the driveway. I think it opens it up a lot. I have always hated the placement of the tree. The roots caused so many issues, so it was time for it to go.
Driveway Sidewalk Planning - Later Tree

Driveway Repaving

Driveway - repaving (2)

Driveway - repaving (3)

Driveway - repaving (4)

Driveway - repaving (5)

Driveway - repaving (6)

Driveway - repaving (7)

Driveway - repaving

They also put in the railing on our upper porch:

Back of the House – Porch Railing

Back of the House - Balcony

Upper Porch - Balcony (2)

Upper Porch - Balcony (3)

Upper Porch - Balcony (4)

Upper Porch - Balcony

Today they continued with the paint and finished up on the driveway. Look how the driveway turned out. I think it is helping to complete the outside. I even got a thumbs-up of approval from a couple walking their dog on how the house is progressing today. I love all the positive comments our neighborhood is making towards our remodel. I know it must be a pain to see this for 5 months.

Finished Driveway

Finished Driveway (2)

Finished Driveway (3)

Finished Driveway

Jay was able to grab the cabinet doors to the bathroom and kitchen to show me as I stood outside and waited (no fumes, but millions of mosquitos). I think we are going to put one more layer of stain on the cabinets to darken them up just a little more.

Kitchen Vanity Stain

Kitchen - Center Island Cabinet Stain (2)

Kitchen - Center Island Cabinet Stain (3)

Kitchen - Center Island Cabinet Stain

Downstairs Bathroom Vanity Stain

Bathroom- Vanity Stain (2)

Bathroom- Vanity Stain

Cape Cod Drive By

I had to go out of town for the Air Force Reserves again, but drove by the house on Friday before leaving. I usually do this every day before work just to see what is happening for the day. This Friday drive by though really reminded me why we rebuilt / remodeled our house instead of packing up and moving. It’s everything that was happening in the neighborhood around our house. The house directly across the street was in the start of getting a new driveway and garage floor, the house two doors down from it was getting ready to be torn down and a new 1.5 story cape cod will stand in its place, and the house across from it was getting brand new windows. That’s just in one day. There are constant ongoing improvements in the houses around us. The people in this neighborhood love it here just as much as we do and it completely shows.

Home Fixes

I do want to mention the house across the street that is going to be torn down and rebuilt. I am so glad they are going to keep it our traditional neighborhood style with a cape cod. They also became the coolest people in the neighborhood according to the neighborhood kids (and several of the parents.) They are letting the local swat team practice in the house prior to tearing it down and rumors have it that they are going to let the fire department set it on fire to practice putting it out. This kids around us had a blast watching the police the day they came over and they all got handcuffed during it all for fun!

Home Fixes - Firecracker

Banded From the House – Jumpstart on Maren’s New Room Design

I am stuck from going into the house for a couple days due to the fumes from our foam insulation going in. The good news is that I can concentrate on what is still needed for the house and start making my lists. I tackled a little on the baby’s room, so I thought I would start working on Maren’s.

Maren will always pick out the same color of blue every time I give her colors to pick from. Here is what we came up for on the color scheme of her room: (she isn’t digging the gray, but loves everything else)
Maren's Paint

I was planning on making her duvet cover, but when I was browsing websites for ideas I came across the perfect one for her room. I decided to go ahead and buy it since it would have cost at least $60 in fabric alone. For a bonus, Pottery Barn Teen was also having an additional 20% off everything you buy, plus this bedding was already marked down to $79 for a full/queen duvet.

Maren's Pottery Barn Teen Bedding

Click here to go to PotteryBarnTeen.com to view her bedding.

I’ve been looking for a bed for her on craigslist for a while. She always says that she wanted a big bed instead of the small bed she has already had, so I hunted a wood bed down to fix up and it was only $20. The downfall is that it’s painted teal, so I will have to sand it down and repaint it. It will eventually be one of my fun projects. I want to make sure I complete it prior to moving in, so we can set her room up. I also found a nightstand. It was $20 as well and still had the tags on it. So for a total of $40 and a little bit of elbow grease, I was able to furnish Maren’s room. I have to give a quick thanks to my friend for letting me borrow her SUV to get it home!
Maren's Bed

So now I just have the following to-do’s for her room:

  • Find window seat fabric and make new cover
  • Find bathroom sconces
  • Find window sconces
  • Sand and paint bed
  • Find art
  • Pick hardware for bathroom vanity
  • Buy picture frames for fireplace
  • Wall Treatments

  • Becoming A Cabinet Expert

    **Warning: This is going to be a really long post about cabinets!
    We have three main items to decide on today. Audio / Smart Home, Cabinets / Vanities and Doors. The doors were pretty easy. I knew I wanted a two panel door like this one: Two Panel Door
    It’s simple and similar to what we had before.

    The Audio / Smart Home was a little harder. Jay made a lot of these decisions around where it will all go and what type of equipment we will be using. We decided to wire for all rooms, but only install speakers in some of the rooms. They put a clamp on the speaker wires that are in the wall, so they can go back and find them when we are ready to expand. We figured we could cut some costs by only doing one zone. We picked the kitchen, downstairs back patio, front room, master bedroom and then the family room will have surround sound. At first we had the laundry room, master bedroom, upper back patio and upstairs hallway, but after getting the estimate we reduced it down to just the 4 main areas we plan to entertain in and get the most use out of. Here is our speaker placement for now (minus the wiring):
    Speaker Placement

    Here’s the tough part, the cabinets. We had to become cabinet experts very quickly and decide on what they looked like and how they functions. I want to make sure we thought of everything when it came to this and hoped we didn’t leave anything out. We have a ton to think about too. We have a kitchen, mudroom pantry, mudroom lockers, laundry room, dining room entertainment center, living room fireplace, downstairs bedroom extra vanity, downstairs bathroom vanity, upstairs hallway, first bedroom knee wall, first bedroom bathroom vanity, back bedroom vanity, and finally master bathroom vanity. I am sure I left something out, but I think that may be it.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    First to think about is the kitchen. Here is our first draft from the cabinet guy:
    Kitchen Cabinet Layout
    We have a main sink and a prep sink. I almost wish we put the prep sink on the opposite side of the counter to spread out the sinks. We are going to have an ‘L’ shaped counter top on the island for seating, so the island is a little bigger then what is actually pictured. Another concern I had is that I feel there should be two trash bins. Maybe we can have a small one place under the prep sink. I just feel like one should really be there to accommodate for the main place we will cook at. I also noticed that we don’t have a place marked for the microwave. I think we finally decided on putting it in the mudroom pantry. I wanted it in the island in a drawer, but I was overruled. Still not sure how I feel on that one.

    Dining Room Cabinets

    Dining Room Cabinets
    I think this was Jay’s favorite area of the house. As soon as we started to rebuild, he knew exactly what he wanted this area to look like:

    Traditional Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Dalia Kitchen Design

    We are going to put all of our electronics for the main floor in these cabinets, so Mark our contractor had the HVAC guy put in a vent to keep it all cool.

    Mudroom Pantry

    Mudroom Pantry Cabinets
    Originally we had the lockers and pantry on opposite sides, but I figured it would make sense to flip them so you don’t notice the mess in from the lockers as easily. We are also thinking about adding in a door from the kitchen into the mudroom.
    Here is a mockup I did with an added microwave. I am not crazy about it yet.
    Mudroom Pantry Cabinets - Our Changes

    Laundry Room Cabinets

    Next is the laundry room:
    Laundry Room Cabinets
    I am very excited about having my own little nook to work and sew in. It gives me a place to organize all my craft supplies and fabric. The one thing missing on this is a space to put my feet. We also need to decide if we are going to leave the space above the washer and dryer open shelving or put cabinets up.

    Bathroom Cabinets

    We have very similar bathroom cabinets for the main floor bathroom, upstairs front bedroom and upstairs back bedroom.
    Bathroom Cabinets
    These should be pretty simple to pick out, but I wanted to make sure we did something that looked nice and would function well. I really like this style:

    Traditional Bathroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

    But with this color of paint for at least Maren’s room:

    Traditional Bathroom by Atlanta Photographers Erica George Dines Photography

    Master Bathroom Cabinets

    Masterbath Cabinets

    Jay and I like a lot of different cabinets. We were leaning towards an open area to put towels. This is the first one we both really liked.

    Traditional Bathroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

    Bedroom #1 Knee Wall Cabinets

    Bedroom 1 Knee Wall Cabinet Plans

    This drawing only shows cabinets with drawers. We plan to redo it to look more like this:
    Bedroom 1 Knee Wall Cabinet Plans - Our Changes

    We wanted to have drawers on the left of the window and open cubbies and a cabinet to the right.

    Chimney, HVAC and Plumbing – Oh My

    This weekend was the first time we didn’t have sports (we did have Saturday morning golf lessons, Alexa had a birthday party to go to and I had a Saturday middle of the night code deployment), but overall it was a pretty low key weekend. Our contractor asked us to get the rest of the stuff out of the basement, so they can get the rest of the wiring and plubming done. The crew also worked all weekend long and got the new front door frame installed, more HVAC done (more from HVAC Direct), finished the chimney and a ton of other small things around the house.

    Here are the latest updates to the house:


    They added the new bathtub to the downstairs bathroom.

    New Bathtub

    Our dining room plumbing is going in as well. We are going to have a drink center and all of our electronics in a cabinet in this room. Mark (our contractor) mentioned that he could put in a vent into our cabinets to cool everything, which we thought was a great idea.
    Start of Plumbing

    Kitchen plumbing is coming along. Once my cousin who is a plumber from the Inner West in Sydney gets here, we are going to have a full sink under the window and a smaller one in our island.
    Start of Kitchen Plumbing

    You can see the rough sketch of our island. We made it into an “L” shape so that our stools can be pushed under and they are not sitting out in the open. It’s a pretty small in width island, but long.
    Sketch of Kitchen Island

    Maren’s Bathroom shower’s plumbing was put in today, we can all learn more from an expert at Whitton Plumbing.
    Marens Bedroom Copper Plumbing

    You can also see how much plumbing throughout her room to her bathroom.
    Maren's Bedroom Plumbing Start

    They also put the copper plumbing in the baby’s room too.
    Babys Room Copper Plumbing

    More plumbing in the baby’s room for the shower.
    Babys Room Plumbing

    Back of the House

    The chimney was finished today. You can still see the mismatch in brick, but after the grout dries it should be better.
    Back of the House Chimney Finish

    Back of the House Chimney Finish (2)

    Back of the House Chimney Finish (3)

    They also finished off the back porch ceiling.
    Back Porch Ceiling

    Maren’s Room Chimney

    Maren’s room is almost all sided. They can finish it now that the chimney is done.
    Marens Room Chimney

    Marens Room Chimney (2)


    Our new air conditioner is in! This is in a different location then we had it before.


    We had to organize the basement this weekend and we still aren’t 100% through. Below is our trash pile that we created while cleaning. The crazy part is that it didn’t seem like we started with much, but we were using part of the basement as temporary storage. They also took down a hanging shelf we had with all of our seasonal decorations on it that we had to sort through and move.
    Hope this website will be useful in case you decided to have some updates, too.

    Basement Trash Pile