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Command Center

I’ve been wanting to do a command center to put all of our families major dates down. Here is everything that we would like the command center to take control of.

Command Center Duties

  • Place to put bills
  • Organize Dates / Schedules
  • Chore List
  • Grocery List
  • Coupon Storage
  • Credit & Store Card Holder
  • Weekly Meals
  • Here is the space I am planning on putting the command center. We don’t use this space as much as we anticipated, so hopefully we will get more use out of it when we put in the command center.

    Future Command Center

    I can find a lot of the products at IKEA now that it is open. Any excuse to go back and shop! I’ve been once since it’s opening and I am trying to refrain from going back until it calms down.

    Command Center Mood Board Numbers

    Mood Board

  • 1 :: IKEA Magazine Rack
  • 2 :: Chalk Board (old picture frame from a Garage Sale)
  • 3 :: Bill / Coupon Basket
  • 4 :: Wall Hook
  • My initial thoughts with the space are in the following two images. I think I will have to go with the first one due to the way the doors open. The garage door would constantly hit the basket, unless I move it to the right of the picture frame. Plus the magazine rack would look better.

    ideas 2


    Here are some of the mood boards that I drew inspiration from.

    Pottery Barn Command Center



    Ottoman Overload

    I popped out of bed last Saturday morning excited to do what I thought would be a quick ottoman recover and a few new pillows.

    Of course it never goes as fast as I picture it in my mind, but I am so glad I did it. I had just an hour where Jay and Maren were at the farmers market and Alexa and Coen were still fast asleep to attempt to do the recover. Of course half way through, everyone came home or woke up. Coen still managed to entertain himself by crawling all over the upside down ottoman, while I made sure my scissors and staple gun were completely out of his way.

    The whole reason why I decided to recover wasn’t because I hated the fabric, but because our house colors are more cooler tones. This ottoman just didn’t fit in that well. Plus my sister-in-law loaned us the ottoman and couch while they moved to San Francisco for the time being. By recovering it, it kept the underneath material safe, so it will be brand new (or at least closer to it) when they ask for it back.

    Old LIving Room 2 Old Living Room

    Knowing this was a temporary cover, I had to do a few workarounds. For instance, I didn’t remove the feet or staple anywhere on the fabric itself. I just stapled around on the underneath of the ottoman where the other staples lived. I also had to do quick corners that are “ok,” but I ordinarily wouldn’t have been satisfied.

    I started out with a $70 fabric that I found at Calico Corners. I started having buyers remorse, so I quickly took that back and turned to my fabric drawer. Crazy as luck would have it, I had bought a cloth table cloth from Target’s Christmas section last year for $7 and threw it in my fabric section. The colors worked perfectly with the couch and wall color.

    The new pillow fabric was from Calico Corners. It was from a left over sample and was only $10 for a yard of material. I thought it worked well into the other colors of the room. The dark gray ones are from a curtain I found at Target. I was going to use it for another project, but didn’t so I had it just lying around as well.
    New Ottoman 4

    New Ottoman 5

    How do you like it? My choice must be right since the tag on the table cloth has the same wall color.
    dining pic

    Maren’s New Shades in a Day

    So I am getting much faster at doing Roman Shades. Although it is time consuming and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to plan an entire day, it can be done. It would require you to be up from 8 in the morning until 11 at night taking small breaks throughout the day.

    Windows Full Open

    I mentioned where I found the best instructions ever over at Brown Paper Packages on Coen’s Shade Blog, but I figured I would post it again:

    You can check out Coen’s Nursery Roman Shades here:

    I was hoping that it would keep my little middle one in bed until at least 8AM (she is a super early riser), but it failed. Even though it was completely blacked out, she was still up and about at 7:30AM. I guess that’s a good trait to have in life. I wish I could hop out of bed that early to start my day without fighting sleep.

    Full Room

    If anything could go wrong during this project – it did. My poor sewing machine was hating me during this project. Threads kept breaking, it kept jamming and for whatever reason, the lengths of the stitch kept messing up. I think I used almost every swear word in my vocabulary at one point during the day. Plus what made it worse was that I had a sensee of urgency to get it done, since I pulled my sewing machine out of my sewing room and onto my kitchen counters (it helped with the length.)

    Right Window Opened and Closed

    Again, the issues had caused me to take breaks to keep from going insane. I could have gotten these done so much faster if my machine liked me. I even ended up sewing a set of pillows half way through just to make sure my sewing machine wasn’t ruined. I think the type of material made a difference and I tried resolving it by increasing the tension (which helped a little).

    Left Window Open and Closed

    Overall, I think they turned out fine. Not the most professional looking, but perfect for an 8 year old’s room. Thanks to JoAnne’s Fabric for having an adorable pink fabric. I shopped everywehre before I finally found this one.

    Alexa’s Room :: 2014

    It’s been awhile since I’ve shown updates on the house, so I thought I would start giving a weekly update with one room featured. The first one is Alexa’s room.

    Check out her before pictures here:

    Alexa wanted to keep her walls grey so that she could easily switch out her bedspread to update her room. Last time we had pink walls (we finally painted blue) and a green ceiling, so it prevented her from easily updating. The overall colors is something that will work as she becomes a teenager (not quite there yet.)

    I decided to do white curtains for now and maybe put a band of coral in it for a touch of color one of these days. I bought her bedspread from Pottery Barn Teen, along with her gray pillow, but I made all of her coral pillows. Overall, I think her room turned out great.

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00002

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00003

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00004

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00005

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00006

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00007

    Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00001

    Curtains for Coen (Roman Shades)

    I finally finished the roman shades for Coen’s room and let me tell you – it was not easy. It was mainly because I had to purchase a ton of different things to make it and they weren’t from the same stores. By the end I went to Lowe’s 2 times, JoAnn’s 3 times and Hobby Lobby once. Even with some of the mistakes, I loved how they turned out and I owe it all to this site:

    She does an amazing job at explaining everything step by step to guide you through the process. I also love that these have wood dowels to make the curtain lay flat when it is raised. I had a pair my mother-in-law made for us that didn’t and they would squish up weird.

    Here are some tips to share prior to you starting in at doing your own (if you choose to use Brown Paper Package’s instructions.)

    1. Use blackout material for the backing. It costs just as much as any other backing (around $6.99 a yard) and it works really well. Coen never wakes up due to the sun now and his day naps go so much smoother.

    2. I read several blogs about how to make roman shades prior to doing this project and this one showed me Roman Shade Tube Tape to use instead of the ring tape.

    Roman Shade Tube Tape

    3. This is not going to be done in an hour. It takes a little bit, but well worth it. I know that the next one I make will go super fast. I already have plans for Maren’s room and the Living Room.

    4. Use a countersink when hanging your curtains. This was my favorite part, because I got to learn something new. I never had used or owned a countersink, but I bought one for $3.50 at Lowe’s and it makes it look a little more professional. Basically it is used to not only pre-drill the hole, but it also will indent it a little so the screw doesn’t stick out.


    5. Buy enough of the Roman Shade cord. It’s only $.99, so you might as well pickup a lot of it. It will run throughout the shade so I always load up on it.

    6. Buy these little guys to control the cord. Not only can you lock your shades in place, but you don’t have to put more screws in your wood by putting a cord anchor on the side of your window.

    I learned a lot and made a few mistakes, but overall I loved how they turned out.

    Village Cape Cod - Roman Shades 00001

    Village Cape Cod - Roman Shades 00002

    Stencil Ideas

    I am craving to do a stencil somewhere in my house. Now that I am past the “No holes, paints or touching of any kind to the house” phase, I am ready to do it. Plus stencils are close enough to wallpaper without the full on commitment.

    I figured there are two good room candidates for a stencil. Maren’s room b/c she has that huge wall and / or the laundry room mainly b/c I wouldn’t have to fight Jay much since this is my room.

    Here are some potential ideas for Maren’s room:

    This one is from

    Flower StencilI love the leaves for her wall in maybe hot pink and light pink leaves. I found this one here on


    I have narrowed it down to these two for my laundry room:

    Laundry Room

    This is by cutestencils on

    And this one is another one that could possibly see on my wall.
    Front Room Stencil

    Which is by

    Paint Priming & Bedding Buying

    After the staining and the stairs, they have moved on to priming for the trim and cabinets. They use enamel on this part, so it buys us another day to finalize the wall colors. We think we have the main ones, but I want to make sure it’s what we really wanted. Below are a couple snap shots I was able to get from the door. The rest of the house was way to dark too take a picture of since they have taped off all the windows and doors to be painted.

    Paint Primer (2)

    Paint Primer

    While they are busy painted the house, I am able to concentrate on some of the other areas we need to make decisions on. I finally found bedding for the baby and for Alexa’s room.

    Baby’s Bedding

    I wanted to keep the baby’s room really simple and use his colors from this post: Thoughts on the Nursery I opted not to do a bumper or quilt. I never used them in the past with the girls.

    I also bought a few sheet colors to go with it:

    Now I just have to figure out his curtains, window seat and changing table fabric.

    Alexa’s Bedding

    I also got a great deal on Alexa’s bedding from They sent a 15% off card and a $10 off card, plus a lot of their bedding is on a major sale since its Labor Day weekend. I think light gray walls, coral and white striped curtains and this teal bedding is going to look great in her room and give her a teen room she can grow into.

    Alexa's Bedding from PBTeen
    Click here to see her bedding at

    Alexa's Bedding Sham from PBTeen
    Click here to see her bedding at

    Alexa's Bedding Pillow from PBTeen
    Click here to see her pillow at

    Now I need to concentrate on the final paint choices and the rest of our lighting throughout our house.

    Alexa’s Room

    Alexa had just repainted her bedroom about 6 months before our remodel. It used to be pink with green ceilings and she just outgrew the light pink color:
    Before Alexa's Room

    Then we changed to her new teal color that she got to pick out herself and she loved it:
    Alexa's Room 2

    Alexa's Room

    You can also check out her old room here:

    She still wants to stick with her new teal walls (they look blue in the above pictures), so here is the color scheme I was thinking:
    Alexa's Paint

    Both girls wanted the same color walls. Maren likes hot pink and Alexa really liked the coral, so I think I can do two rooms that have the same wall color but will look completely different. Because of all of the changes in her room, I think I am going to have to get rid of some of the furniture. Most likely her chair and her desk will need to go to accommodate her new vanity area and the pocket wall into the bathroom. She has mentioned that she didn’t want to get rid of her desk, but I think once we move in and she sees how it all fits into the space she will understand.

    We did find sconces for her vanity area. Pottery Barn Kids was also having 15% off this week on any purchases, so we were able to save a little bit and find the color that matches her room. All of her furniture is a little off white and Pottery Barn just happens to be the same off white color:
    Pottery Barn Sconce - Carolina

    Click here to go to Pottery Barn’s site.

    Here is my to-do list for Alexa’s Room (not as much compared to other rooms):

  • Find new curtains
  • Find a new rug
  • Maybe a new bedspread
  • Cabinet Hardware Decisions

    We had to decide on the hardware today and below are our final decisions.

    Downstairs Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

    Downstairs Cabinets

    I like how the placement and hardware is on this cabinet:

    Traditional Bathroom by Nashville Interior Designers & Decorators cke interior design llc

    Master Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

    Master Bath Cabinets

    I want something similar to these cabinets:

    Traditional Bathroom by Elkins Park Interior Designers & Decorators Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP

    Baby Boy’s Cabinet Hardware

    Baby Boy Cabinet

    Maren’s Cabinet Hardware

    Maren's Cabinets

    Here is what I would love her cabinets to look like:

    Traditional Bathroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Carey Mudford Interior Design

    Laundry Room Cabinet Hardware

    Laundry Cabinets

    This would be my dream cabinets:

    Contemporary Laundry Room by Irvine Tile, Stone & Countertops Venetian Stone Gallery

    Banded From the House – Jumpstart on Maren’s New Room Design

    I am stuck from going into the house for a couple days due to the fumes from our foam insulation going in. The good news is that I can concentrate on what is still needed for the house and start making my lists. I tackled a little on the baby’s room, so I thought I would start working on Maren’s.

    Maren will always pick out the same color of blue every time I give her colors to pick from. Here is what we came up for on the color scheme of her room: (she isn’t digging the gray, but loves everything else)
    Maren's Paint

    I was planning on making her duvet cover, but when I was browsing websites for ideas I came across the perfect one for her room. I decided to go ahead and buy it since it would have cost at least $60 in fabric alone. For a bonus, Pottery Barn Teen was also having an additional 20% off everything you buy, plus this bedding was already marked down to $79 for a full/queen duvet.

    Maren's Pottery Barn Teen Bedding

    Click here to go to to view her bedding.

    I’ve been looking for a bed for her on craigslist for a while. She always says that she wanted a big bed instead of the small bed she has already had, so I hunted a wood bed down to fix up and it was only $20. The downfall is that it’s painted teal, so I will have to sand it down and repaint it. It will eventually be one of my fun projects. I want to make sure I complete it prior to moving in, so we can set her room up. I also found a nightstand. It was $20 as well and still had the tags on it. So for a total of $40 and a little bit of elbow grease, I was able to furnish Maren’s room. I have to give a quick thanks to my friend for letting me borrow her SUV to get it home!
    Maren's Bed

    So now I just have the following to-do’s for her room:

  • Find window seat fabric and make new cover
  • Find bathroom sconces
  • Find window sconces
  • Sand and paint bed
  • Find art
  • Pick hardware for bathroom vanity
  • Buy picture frames for fireplace
  • Wall Treatments

  • Thoughts On The Nursery

    I am a Air Force reservist at Whiteman, AFB, so I had to go down from Thursday to Sunday for work. This gave me a break from the house and let me think a little more of what I need for the nursery. I do not plan on doing a theme nursery (maybe an airplane here and there), but I did want to select our colors to focus on to get started on the design. I came across a fabric when I was on Fat Quarter and fell in love with it. I was able to pull the colors out of the fabric to use this for the nursery. I may go lighter or darker on some of the colors as I am designing, but here are my initial thoughts for my nursery colors.


    This is the fabric swatch that gave me my coloring inspiration (I am going to use it on a small project for baby boy’s room):


    Fat Quarter Fabric

    We even thought that this darker color from Restoration Hardware might look good on the wall. I am still not convinced I want to go that dark though:
    Restoration Hardware Nursery Color
    Restoration Hardware Paint Color

    My sister-in-law moved to San Francisco, so she is letting us use her crib and dresser/changing table that is all white. That gave us a bit of a jump start on the nursery.

    Items left to do for the nursery:

  • 1. Find or Make Crib Bedding
  • 2. Find Window Seat Sconces
  • 3. Find Window Seat Fabric
  • 4. Make Window Seat
  • 5. Make Changing Table Cover
  • 6. Buy Bedroom Fan
  • 7. Find Baskets for Cubbies in Knee Wall
  • I am sure I have more items to do, but I think this is a good start for now.