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Who doesn’t, right? You never know what you can find and Friday proved that statement to be very true.

Earlier this summer I broke my camera lens on vacation. I had to do a quick study on camera lens and I attempted to have it shipped to my hotel room via two day shipping. Check out my post here: http://villagecapecod.com/vacation-ever-wanted/

I ended up choosing my original lens which was a 18 – 55mm. However, I really wanted the 70mm – 300mm. I just didn’t want to spend the money.

Amazingly enough, I was driving into work and saw a garage sale sign. I decided to stop in quickly even though I really didn’t have enough time. Luckily for me I did because I found my camera lens for only $50 bucks! How lucky was that? I had to fight a guy who had just called his friend to come and take a look at it, but it was first come first served in my book. He should have snatched it up while he had the chance.

Now look at the fun pics I can take on the sidelines.

Maren Soccer 2

Maren Soccer 1

Maren Soccer

These are pictures of Bob’s first game with her new soccer team. There is another little girl with her name on that was already on the team, so the coach asked her what she would like to be called instead and she chose “Bob.” Not sure what I am going to do with that girl! She LOVED that the coaches, teammates and sideline parents were all calling her by her new name.

Poppin’ Tags

I did a really bad thing. I went to a thrift store with out my girls. As soon as I brought my finds in, I heard an earful. It wasn’t my fault. I had to do an errand at lunch time at work and there happened to be a thrift store next to it, so I had to go in.

Check out my finds…

Mean Owl

This mean looking mercury owl was only $2.98. I thought he would be awesome for our Halloween décor. Right now I am just having him hang out on my front room fireplace.
Mean Owl 2

Wire Basket

You can’t tell by the pictures, but this is a super heavy basket. Just like Mr. mean owl, it will be perfect to hold all of our mini pumpkins. Plus it was only $3.98.
Wire Bowl

Porcelain Doll

This little girl was there a week ago with another one. I kept thinking about how cute she would have looked in Maren’s room, so when I was there I grabbed her for $2.00. Unfortunately, her sister was already sold.

Large Wooden Tray

Sorta wooden at least. It is plastic, but no one would be the wiser. It was only $5, so I had to have it. I am in love with the edging on it and it had a little label that said it could be top dishwasher safe.
Large Wooden Tray 3

Large Wooden Tray 4

White Plate

This little plate is going to be perfect for Coen’s birthday cake smash session. It was only $3!
White Plate

Small Wooden Tray

It was only $1 for this little golden footed tray. I think I am going to paint it a cobalt blue or another fun color.
Front Wooden Tray Gold Feet

Wooden Tray Gold Feet

Who else has had fun finds?

Village Art Fair + Weekend Garage Saling = Perfect Weekend

Our family always looks forward to our town’s yearly art fair. We love it because its in walking distance of our house, so we can go down daily. It’s a good time hanging out with friends and running into neighbors.

Check out PVPost.com for info on the Village Art Fair: http://pvpost.com/2014/05/30/your-primer-for-the-58th-annual-prairie-village-art-show-28170

The other favorite part of this weekend are the garage sales! We have a neighborhood garage sale during this time and it is amazing. Maren and I could last for hours upon hours searching for our fun bargains and this year Jay and one of Maren’s friends joined us. Jay quickly burned out, but Maren and her friend tagged along all day. I gave them $5 each to spend and it was fun watching how they spent their money.

Here are some of my awesome finds that I already put to use:

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00003
I’ve been looking for a fruit bowl for a little while now, so I snatched this little find up for $2.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00015

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00012

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00014

A new restaurant moved in down the street from us a few years ago named “Tavern in the Village.” Maren thought it was called “Tarzan” for along time, so that’s how “Tarzan’s Kitchen” was born. On weekends, Maren and Jay will setup a menu for Alexa and I to select from. Maren is the server and Jay is the cook. Now she will have a special place to put her menu in and all other times I will have a place to put their daily chore assignments in during the summer. It was a little nicked up, but I cleaned it up with a black sharpie. For only $2, this guy was a steal.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00008

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00011
This find was my best priced find, running at $10, but my favorite. I am restraining myself from sanding it down and restaining. I may eventually do that, but I thought I would leave it as is for now. I bought it from a neighbor’s garage sale and she mentioned that it came from William Jewel, which is a private college in my Dad’s town. It does have a few carvings in the arm and gum stuck under the chair, but I still like the character the wear on the chair gives it.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00005
Alexa wanted a new Kate Spade bag this year.. Luckily I didn’t break down and buy her a new one, because I found this bag plus a cell phone holder and wallet at a ladie’s garage sale that worked at a place that sold them. She had so much Kate Spade merchandise. I had a little self control and only spent $25 for the set. Now Alexa has her new bag for middle school.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00002
This was my best buy. It was free. The guy said he was done selling and he thought the canisters were bad b/c they didn’t have lids. I instantly thought to use them as planters. Maren helped pick out the red petunias and I now have 3 new pots.

I did buy a couple of other items, like a George Brett Nesting Dolls for $1, a mini Radio Flyer for Coen for $2 and a new necklace for $3.



Let There Be Light

…and there was light. I came to the house today and it was all lit up. Actually, Alexa told me over the phone that she drove by with her Grandma and saw the lights on, so I was excited to get over there and check it out myself.

Front Room – Lights

I still can’t get over how much I like how these lights turned out. I like them so much that I ordered them for our upstairs hallway window seat (we found out that the ones I originally ordered for the window seat are backordered until December.) I also ordered the semi-flush one to go in the upstairs hallway and mudroom. We ordered a lot of our items for the house from Ferguson and this was one of them. It’s so hard to figure out what we want from an image online, but this one turned out great.
Front Room - Light (2)

Front Room - Light (3)

Front Room - Light

Kitchen – Lights

I showed a picture of these the other day, but they look so much better lit up. Still not convinced that they are hanging low enough.
Kitchen - Light (2)

Kitchen - Light (3)

Kitchen - Light

Laundry Room – Lights

The lights are working great, but now they just need their little covers.
Laundry Room - Light

Dining Room – Lights

Our main light is up and working. We ordered this through Restoration Hardware a few weeks ago and when I was on their site today I noticed that it was marked down $200 from what we spent, so I called their customer service and they did a 30 day price match guarantee for me and refunded that amount back. Let’s just say I was doing a happy dance! Sometimes being an obsessive compulsive site surfer pays off. I am on that site daily for ideas or to see if their price compares to other websites on items we need.
Dining Room - Light (2)

Dining Room - Light

Living Room – Lights

These are all canned light, so nothing exciting here, but the lights are working!
Living Room - Light

Downstairs Bathroom – Lights

We decided to do chrome since everything else is going to be chrome in this room.
Downstairs Bathroom - Light

Downstairs Hallway – Light

This is the same as the Front Room.
Downstairs Hallway - Light

Baby’s Bedroom – Lights

The lights aren’t turning on yet, but I am very pleased how they came out. These are also from Restoration Hardware Baby line. (you can checkout this post for more details on the lights. When we first got them in we were scared that they would not be able to be hardwired, because they came with a cord and switch, but our great electrician was able to make it happen.
Baby's Room - Light (2)

Baby's Room - Light

Baby’s Bathroom

We picked this also from Restoration Hardware’s Baby line. I wish they could have mounted these higher, but the pocket door is in the way, so they couldn’t. I still think that once we get a square mirror up that it will look even.
Baby's Bathroom Light

Check out the tile that’s coming along. We had to decide on the shelf placement today for the shower nook and what kind of glass we wanted for the showers. We also had to do the white penny round from the floors. The moss penny round was sold out for the next 30 years (ok, maybe not that long), so we had to come up with another solution. I think it will blend in better once it is grouted. Eventually, I wouldn’t mind tiling the rest of the bath and we will continue the moss around the top of the walls if we do.

Baby's Bathroom - Tile and Light

Baby's Bathroom - Tile

Maren’s Bedroom – Lights

Maren came in and said she didn’t care for her window seat light. I think she will like it once she has her window seat, curtains and furniture in her room. I really liked them, because they matched everything else. We ordered her lights from Ferguson as well.
Maren's Room - Light

Maren’s Bathroom – Lights

Maren’s bathroom sconces are the same as we used for the downstairs bathroom from Ferguson too. We figured the more simple the better.
Maren's Bathroom - Light

There was a bunch of other things going on as well.

We got our front door in and decided on using Caliente AF-290 (Benjamin Moore).
Front Door Paint Color

Here is our new front door. Look familiar? Not much different from our old one! We actually bought our house from a family that not only had a child in our oldest daughter’s grade, but they also moved directly across the street from us. We see them on a daily basis. I always wondered if their children thought it was weird that they got to see their old house every day and then one day their oldest came up to me while we were painting our house and asked if I planned to paint the red door. I told him no and he seemed so relieved. Lucky for him, I like the contrast from the gray and black and it also helps to remind people which house we live in – the Cape Cod with the red door. There is a similar house that is only two houses down from ours – I won’t mention that my dad accidentally walked into that house before realizing it wasn’t ours, but I will point out that that house does have a black door on the front (and no dormers).
Front Door

Front Door Old vs New

My hidden outlet in the kitchen went in today. Like I mentioned in the past, I was outlet crazy, but for some reason this one is my favorite. I already know I will probably use this one a lot.
Kitchen - Hidden Outlet

West Side of the House

Check out the rock. It’s taking shape a little more, but I am not in love with it.
West Side of the House - Stone

Back of the House

They laid most of the tile down. It’s the same as the upstairs porch. They also painted the top of the portico and back of the porch Palladian Blue. Not very noticeable, but those evil (haint) spirits will be warded off or at least that’s the tradition of the blue porch ceilings that originated from the south.
Outside - Back Porch Tile

Paint Priming & Bedding Buying

After the staining and the stairs, they have moved on to priming for the trim and cabinets. They use enamel on this part, so it buys us another day to finalize the wall colors. We think we have the main ones, but I want to make sure it’s what we really wanted. Below are a couple snap shots I was able to get from the door. The rest of the house was way to dark too take a picture of since they have taped off all the windows and doors to be painted.

Paint Primer (2)

Paint Primer

While they are busy painted the house, I am able to concentrate on some of the other areas we need to make decisions on. I finally found bedding for the baby and for Alexa’s room.

Baby’s Bedding

I wanted to keep the baby’s room really simple and use his colors from this post: Thoughts on the Nursery I opted not to do a bumper or quilt. I never used them in the past with the girls.

I also bought a few sheet colors to go with it:

Now I just have to figure out his curtains, window seat and changing table fabric.

Alexa’s Bedding

I also got a great deal on Alexa’s bedding from PBTeen.com. They sent a 15% off card and a $10 off card, plus a lot of their bedding is on a major sale since its Labor Day weekend. I think light gray walls, coral and white striped curtains and this teal bedding is going to look great in her room and give her a teen room she can grow into.

Alexa's Bedding from PBTeen
Click here to see her bedding at PBTeen.com.

Alexa's Bedding Sham from PBTeen
Click here to see her bedding at PBTeen.com.

Alexa's Bedding Pillow from PBTeen
Click here to see her pillow at PBTeen.com.

Now I need to concentrate on the final paint choices and the rest of our lighting throughout our house.

Purchases This Week

We have so much stuff to buy for our new house it seems like. I know we have just started, but here are some of the items from this week:

Baby’s Room

We finally found the window seat and bathroom sconces from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. They were having a sale, so they were all marked down to $79.
Baby's Room Scounce Bathroom

Click here to see it at the RestorationHardware.com website.

Baby's Room Scounce Window Seat

Click here to see it at the RestorationHardware.com website.

Master Bedroom

We also bought our bed and nightstand from Restoration Hardware during that same sale. We downsized from a king to a queen this time.
Master Bedroom Restoration St. James Bed

Click here to see it at the RestorationHardware.com website.

Master Bedroom Restoration St. James Nightstandjpg

Click here to see it at the RestorationHardware.com website.

Maren’s Room

As mentioned in this post: Maren’s New Room, we got Maren her comforter this week. It was on a great sale and I think it will look great with her teal walls.
Maren's Pottery Barn Teen Bedding

Click here to see it at the PotteryBarnTeen.com to see her bed.

Dining Room

Last but not least we ordered our dining room table from a local company called Unruh’s Furniture. A couple of people from my work ordered tables through this site and loved them. Jay and I went out to visit his workshop and saw how great they were and how awesome the prices are. Plus they are super cute. You can read about them on their about me page: http://www.unruhfurniture.com/Home/About_Me.html. Check out which table we picked (we went with a 6′ table and added on a leaf to make it 9′ when fully extended):
UnRuh Table

Click here to see the Unruh’s Furniture site.

We also bought the bench to go with the table. Right now we have cloth seats that I constantly worry about when the kids are eating. I am hoping that the kids can sit on the bench and I can be worry free.