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Dining Room :: 2014

I realized that it’s been awhile since I have shown updates of the house. One room that hasn’t changed much is the Dining Room. The only thing I would like to add is some art on the only bare wall. Besides that, this room is pretty much finished for at least now.

This room is one of the most lived in rooms. Right now it’s at its finest, but usually it has a splat mat and a highchair and whatever project that Maren, Alexa or I am working on is usually covering all the cabinets. We do get a lot of use from the built in hutch. It is so nice to have that area when (which is rare) we have guests over for dinner.

Dining Room

Dining Room 3

Dining Room 4

Dining Room 5

Dining Room 2

Living Room :: 2014

I thought I would give a quick update on our Living Room progress. We still need curtains, but the room is almost complete.

LIving Room 5

Check this link out for our living room before we did our rebuild: http://villagecapecod.com/before-living-room/. The size of this room stayed the same, but we opened it up to the dining room more, which caused the room to lose a window. It still gets plenty of light coming in from the dining room though.

LIving Room 2

Living Room 3
We redid the fireplace and bookcase completely. It wasn’t originally planned that way, but after we started in on the rebuild it somehow happened :).

Living Room 4
We also pulled up the carpet and to our surprise, found that some of the room had wood flooring already. The builders added in the additional flooring.

LIving Room 6

LIving Room

Alexa’s Room :: 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve shown updates on the house, so I thought I would start giving a weekly update with one room featured. The first one is Alexa’s room.

Check out her before pictures here: http://villagecapecod.com/?p=2629&preview=true

Alexa wanted to keep her walls grey so that she could easily switch out her bedspread to update her room. Last time we had pink walls (we finally painted blue) and a green ceiling, so it prevented her from easily updating. The overall colors is something that will work as she becomes a teenager (not quite there yet.)

I decided to do white curtains for now and maybe put a band of coral in it for a touch of color one of these days. I bought her bedspread from Pottery Barn Teen, along with her gray pillow, but I made all of her coral pillows. Overall, I think her room turned out great.

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00002

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00003

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00004

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00005

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00006

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00007

Village Cape Cod - Alexa's Room 00001