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Command Center

I’ve been wanting to do a command center to put all of our families major dates down. Here is everything that we would like the command center to take control of.

Command Center Duties

  • Place to put bills
  • Organize Dates / Schedules
  • Chore List
  • Grocery List
  • Coupon Storage
  • Credit & Store Card Holder
  • Weekly Meals
  • Here is the space I am planning on putting the command center. We don’t use this space as much as we anticipated, so hopefully we will get more use out of it when we put in the command center.

    Future Command Center

    I can find a lot of the products at IKEA now that it is open. Any excuse to go back and shop! I’ve been once since it’s opening and I am trying to refrain from going back until it calms down.

    Command Center Mood Board Numbers

    Mood Board

  • 1 :: IKEA Magazine Rack
  • 2 :: Chalk Board (old picture frame from a Garage Sale)
  • 3 :: Bill / Coupon Basket
  • 4 :: Wall Hook
  • My initial thoughts with the space are in the following two images. I think I will have to go with the first one due to the way the doors open. The garage door would constantly hit the basket, unless I move it to the right of the picture frame. Plus the magazine rack would look better.

    ideas 2


    Here are some of the mood boards that I drew inspiration from.

    Pottery Barn Command Center



    Picking Exterior Paint and Meeting Neighbors

    Our main objective this weekend was to finalize our exterior paint color. We had just repainted our house a year or two ago and went through this. It’s horrible. I hate trying to figure out what paint color will work. I had assumed that we would use the same since we would still have some of the color on our house, but since they replaced our siding 100% we have to do this again. We drove around all evening looking at houses and we though we spot one that we really liked. Just like last time we did this, I did that awkward thing where I hopped out and asked the owner of the house if I could match my paint swatches to it. Luckily everyone has always been really nice about it. Last time one person painted a board for me to match it another just explained how they picked it. This time the lady was super nice and offered to let me borrow a can of paint with the formula on it, so I could paint part of the house and then be able to order it. She was so nice and helpful.
    That color was a little to brown for us, so we went with a more grey color. We chose Benjamin Moore Storm Cloud Grey 2140-40 for the body of the house and Benjamin Moore Winter White OC-21 for our trim.
    Exterior Paint
    Now onto interior paint. This is more difficult than I thought. We have to pick wall, trim, cabinets and ceilings and it is hard to focus on each room.

    We also widened our water pipe to help with water pressure. They got that done pretty quickly on Friday:
    Water Pipe (2)

    Water Pipe

    Below are recent pics from Friday. They are doing a great job on tiling. I never realized how slow it is to tile, but that just shows that they are taking their time and doing it right.

    Baby Boy’s Bathroom Tile

    Baby Boy's Room Penny Round Tile

    Baby Boy's Room Subway Tile Start (2)

    Baby Boy's Room Subway Tile Start

    Downstairs Bathroom – Finish Laying the Tile

    Main Floor Bathroom Carrera Tile

    Maren’s Bathroom Tile

    Maren's Bathroom Tile

    Master Bathroom Tile

    Master Bathroom Wall Tile Start

    Master Bedroom Tub

    Upstairs Hallway – Trim and Cabinet

    All of the trim is being put upstairs. They pretty much have it all done downstairs except for some areas I want done for imperfections.
    Upstairs Hallway Cabinet Trim

    Upstairs Hallway Trim (2)

    Upstairs Hallway Trim (3)

    Upstairs Hallway Trim

    Front Room Fireplace Mantel

    I love how this is coming out. I like the detail around the top of the mantle.
    Front Room Fireplace Mantel Start

    Living Room Trim

    Living Room Mantle Trim

    Living Room Trim


    Granite and Marble Choices for Countertops

    We drove out to Miller Cabinets in Excelsor Springs, MO today to finalize everything we wanted for our counter tops. We decided to go with Super White granite for our kitchen and dining room, Carrera marble for all of our bathrooms and Caledonia granite for the laundry room.

    Counter Top Selections

    They also got a lot done today with all the trim pieces and got to work on getting the tile done. I think they are almost done with all of that. Next week is painting!

    Alexa’s Bedroom – New Nook and Finished Trim

    I wanted a little nook next to her vanity for make-up. I think the shelves aren’t spaced 100% the way I would do it. I just wanted two shelves total and there are three. I think it will work for now though. We also moved the sconces wiring up above the nook.
    Alexa's Room New Nook

    Alexa's Room Trim Finished

    Baby Boy’s Bedroom – Start on Shower

    I love the look of his bathroom so far. We chose white penny rounds for the floor and we are going to do a darker grey grout. Then we did white matte subway tiles and moss penny rounds for the shower. His nook will have moss penny rounds in it as well.
    Baby Boy's Room Penny Round Tile

    Baby Boy's Room Shower - Moss Penny Round

    They also put his nook in his walk in closet. I can’t wait to put little baskets to hold his stuff on each shelf.

    Dining Room – Crown Installed

    It looks like most the crown molding is installed. Jay noticed that they added a small piece of trim above the door and right below the crown molding, which we thought was smart. This will keep from having a fine line of sheet rock exposed, which will make painting a lot easier.
    Dining Room Crown (2)

    Dining Room Crown

    Downstairs Hallway – Nook

    They smoothed out this nook today. We don’t plan to add any wood to this and only have plaster. It won’t have a lot of the wear the other nooks will have, so we wanted to leave it alone with only the sheet rock.
    Downstairs Hallway Nook

    Front Room – Finished Trim

    All the trim is finished and they are starting in on the fireplace tomorrow. Check out all the saw dust these guys make. It is crazy how much work they are doing in such a short time and how well it is all turning out.
    Front Room Saw Dust (2)

    Front Room Saw Dust

    Kitchen- Finished Crown

    It looks like they finished everything in this room for the crown. We already ordered our pendant lights and now we have our granite selection off our list as well. Next are cabinet paint colors. This has been one of our hardest choices of all.
    Kitchen Crown

    Living Room – Crown and Fireplace Mantel

    I love how they still have our sketch from Houzz up of what we want. It really looks similar to the picture and I am loving how it is turning out. I wasn’t convinced to rebuild it at first, but I am glad in the end that they did. Already it looks 10X better than what we had. Jay also made the decision to get rid of the sconces, which I will try to be the bigger person and remind him how I fought not to have it. If we ever sell, the next owners will still have the wiring if they ever have the need for the sconces.
    Living Room Fireplace (2)

    Living Room Fireplace (3)

    Living Room Fireplace (4)

    Living Room Fireplace

    Maren’s Room – Tiling the Shower and New Nook

    Maren also had part of her shower tiled today. The boy’s bathroom and her bathroom pretty much look identical. They both will have the matte white penny rounds with dark gray grout on the floors. Their showers will have the matte white 3X6 subway tiles with moss penny rounds with dark gray grout too. I can’t wait until it’s all said and done.
    Maren's Bathrrom Shower - Moss Penny Round Tile

    Maren also had her fireplace mantel put in. I love how they boxed it off. They will need to clean the chimney from all the mud that got on it, but I love how the new pretty brick is exposed.
    Maren's Bedroom Fireplace Mantel

    Her nook went in as well. This didn’t quite happen the way I described. I wanted a small nook in this entry of her room and it turned into ceiling to floor. I think it will look fine, but I didn’t picture it this large. I wanted a nook here because there was all this open space. I knew I couldn’t stick a side table in that area, but I wanted to make use of the dead space.
    Maren's Bookcase Nook

    There was this odd part in her hallway that leads from her closet to her bedroom. It almost looked like a door once belonged there. We decided to make a rounded arch, so it looked like it was meant to be there. It really was caused by how the support beams and walls came together, but now it looks like an added detail. It also matches our master bedroom.
    Maren's Rounded entry

    Master Bathroom – Tiling the Tub

    Our tub in our master bedroom received its new facade today. It also had the tile we are using in the shower and on the walls ran around the perimeter of the tub. We still haven’t picked out the color of grout we are going to use. I think it may be a lighter gray.
    Master Bathroom Tub (2)

    Master Bathroom Tub

    Upstairs Hallway – Smooth Walls

    They smoothed our walls and cleaned up where that odd chair rail was. This poor hallway had so many bangs and dings. I am glad to see that it looks like it has brand new walls.
    Upstairs Hallway - No Chair Rail

    Nooks, Crannies and Closets

    We were given a deadline to come up with how the closet in each room will look like on the inside and if we wanted to add any nooks throughout the house. Of course I have to be out of the town for the military, so Jay gets to go solo on this meeting. I am trying to do my best to explain what I am wanting.

    Master Bathroom Shower Nook

    I thought a nook above our bench would work out the best to keep the shampoo and conditioners up off the ground.
    Master Shower Nook

    Master Bathroom Bathtub Nook

    I am picturing something similar to this for our nook by our tub. We haven’t decided if we wanted it on one or both sides.

    Contemporary Bathroom by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Mark Ashby Design

    Master Bedroom Nook

    After ordering our bed and nightstand we realized that only one nightstand would work, so Jay and Mark, our contractor, came up with a plan to put a nook by his side of the bed. (Check our new bed and nightstand out in this post: Out Master Bedroom Bed and Nightstand
    Master Bedroom Wall Nook

    Maren’s Bedroom Nook

    Maren has an odd entry from her hallway to her bedroom. I thought a nook would be perfect there since that space won’t be used.
    Maren's Wall Nook

    Maren’s Bedroom Closet

    Maren’s closet is pretty big and wide, so I thought I could add a section to the right to organize her clothes for each day of the week. In the past, we had something similar to that. We tried to lay out their clothing every Sunday night for that entire school week.
    Maren's Closet

    Shower Nook (Maren’s Bathroom, Baby Boy’s Bathroom and Downstairs Bathroom)

    We want something like this for Maren’s and Baby Boy’s bathrooms (and possibly the downstairs bathroom as well):

    Contemporary Bathroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Habitar Design

    Baby Boy’s Bedroom Closet

    This was easy to come up with a design. I knew I wanted shelves in the odd area. I also figured that since he is a boy he can have two rods hanging in his closet. The girls can’t do this since they will have dresses that would get in the way.
    Baby Boy's Closet

    Baby’s Boy’s Window Seat Nook

    It would be nice to have an area to put books in by the window seat. It may be too much in that area, but I thought I would see what our builder thought.
    Baby Boy's Window Seat Nook
    I love how this window seat has their bookcase, but they don’t have sconces:

    Traditional Kids by Saratoga Springs Design-Build Firms Witt Construction

    Hallway Nook

    This would be the perfect place to put a nook.
    Downstairs Hallway Nook

    Alexa’s Closet

    Alexa has a very plain closet, but it is bigger than what she had before.
    Alexa's Closet

    Alexa’s Nook in Vanity Area

    Alexa wanted a built in bookcase somewhere in her room, but I didn’t think there was a good place for it. We may be able to put one under her sconce by her vanity, but I think it might be too tight of an area.
    Alexa's Vanity Nook

    Kitchen Above Stove Nook

    This one is Jay’s call, but I know we talked about having a nook in the kitchen above the stove. We haven’t decided yet, but this is one similar to what I would want.

    Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

    Alexa’s Room

    Alexa had just repainted her bedroom about 6 months before our remodel. It used to be pink with green ceilings and she just outgrew the light pink color:
    Before Alexa's Room

    Then we changed to her new teal color that she got to pick out herself and she loved it:
    Alexa's Room 2

    Alexa's Room

    You can also check out her old room here:

    She still wants to stick with her new teal walls (they look blue in the above pictures), so here is the color scheme I was thinking:
    Alexa's Paint

    Both girls wanted the same color walls. Maren likes hot pink and Alexa really liked the coral, so I think I can do two rooms that have the same wall color but will look completely different. Because of all of the changes in her room, I think I am going to have to get rid of some of the furniture. Most likely her chair and her desk will need to go to accommodate her new vanity area and the pocket wall into the bathroom. She has mentioned that she didn’t want to get rid of her desk, but I think once we move in and she sees how it all fits into the space she will understand.

    We did find sconces for her vanity area. Pottery Barn Kids was also having 15% off this week on any purchases, so we were able to save a little bit and find the color that matches her room. All of her furniture is a little off white and Pottery Barn just happens to be the same off white color:
    Pottery Barn Sconce - Carolina

    Click here to go to Pottery Barn’s site.

    Here is my to-do list for Alexa’s Room (not as much compared to other rooms):

  • Find new curtains
  • Find a new rug
  • Maybe a new bedspread
  • Purchases This Week

    We have so much stuff to buy for our new house it seems like. I know we have just started, but here are some of the items from this week:

    Baby’s Room

    We finally found the window seat and bathroom sconces from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child. They were having a sale, so they were all marked down to $79.
    Baby's Room Scounce Bathroom

    Click here to see it at the website.

    Baby's Room Scounce Window Seat

    Click here to see it at the website.

    Master Bedroom

    We also bought our bed and nightstand from Restoration Hardware during that same sale. We downsized from a king to a queen this time.
    Master Bedroom Restoration St. James Bed

    Click here to see it at the website.

    Master Bedroom Restoration St. James Nightstandjpg

    Click here to see it at the website.

    Maren’s Room

    As mentioned in this post: Maren’s New Room, we got Maren her comforter this week. It was on a great sale and I think it will look great with her teal walls.
    Maren's Pottery Barn Teen Bedding

    Click here to see it at the to see her bed.

    Dining Room

    Last but not least we ordered our dining room table from a local company called Unruh’s Furniture. A couple of people from my work ordered tables through this site and loved them. Jay and I went out to visit his workshop and saw how great they were and how awesome the prices are. Plus they are super cute. You can read about them on their about me page: Check out which table we picked (we went with a 6′ table and added on a leaf to make it 9′ when fully extended):
    UnRuh Table

    Click here to see the Unruh’s Furniture site.

    We also bought the bench to go with the table. Right now we have cloth seats that I constantly worry about when the kids are eating. I am hoping that the kids can sit on the bench and I can be worry free.

    Banded From the House – Jumpstart on Maren’s New Room Design

    I am stuck from going into the house for a couple days due to the fumes from our foam insulation going in. The good news is that I can concentrate on what is still needed for the house and start making my lists. I tackled a little on the baby’s room, so I thought I would start working on Maren’s.

    Maren will always pick out the same color of blue every time I give her colors to pick from. Here is what we came up for on the color scheme of her room: (she isn’t digging the gray, but loves everything else)
    Maren's Paint

    I was planning on making her duvet cover, but when I was browsing websites for ideas I came across the perfect one for her room. I decided to go ahead and buy it since it would have cost at least $60 in fabric alone. For a bonus, Pottery Barn Teen was also having an additional 20% off everything you buy, plus this bedding was already marked down to $79 for a full/queen duvet.

    Maren's Pottery Barn Teen Bedding

    Click here to go to to view her bedding.

    I’ve been looking for a bed for her on craigslist for a while. She always says that she wanted a big bed instead of the small bed she has already had, so I hunted a wood bed down to fix up and it was only $20. The downfall is that it’s painted teal, so I will have to sand it down and repaint it. It will eventually be one of my fun projects. I want to make sure I complete it prior to moving in, so we can set her room up. I also found a nightstand. It was $20 as well and still had the tags on it. So for a total of $40 and a little bit of elbow grease, I was able to furnish Maren’s room. I have to give a quick thanks to my friend for letting me borrow her SUV to get it home!
    Maren's Bed

    So now I just have the following to-do’s for her room:

  • Find window seat fabric and make new cover
  • Find bathroom sconces
  • Find window sconces
  • Sand and paint bed
  • Find art
  • Pick hardware for bathroom vanity
  • Buy picture frames for fireplace
  • Wall Treatments

  • Room Assignments

    We finally decided on where each kid’s new home will be. We were holding off until we officially found out what we were having. The plan was if it was a girl, Maren would share Bedroom #1 and Alexa would get Bedroom #2. The downstairs would become a guest room. We had no clue what to do if it was a boy nor did I really think it was a possibility we would be having one since we had been “girl” parents for so long.
    Boy were we in for a surprise to find out that we were expecting a little boy! I think Alexa’s first words when we found out were “Oh man, now I have to go to my old room again!”
    So our final decision was to put Baby Boy into Bedroom #1, Maren into Bedroom #2 and Alexa will get her original room downstairs. Alexa had a pretty good attitude towards it all, so we decided to try to figure out something special and unique for her room. That’s how the pocket door was added to the bathroom and a vanity area by her closet came into play.

    Here is the final assignment:
    Alexas Room

    Marens Room