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Good-Bye Tree, Hello Gutters

We had an early surprise today. We planned sometime in September to have our tree in the backyard cut down. To our surprise they showed up a little early and did it while we were at work. They had the whole job done by lunchtime. It was a little bittersweet. We loved the tire swing we had on the tree and all the memories we had with it. It was our kids’ favorite spots when we first moved in, but with the new addition we had to get rid of the tire swing. The tree itself looked like it could fall over any second, but it was still hanging in there. We opted to get rid of it just in case and we found someone that did the job at a really good price on a whim. They were doing a job down the street and we had just had a front tree removed next to the driveway and laying in our yard, so Jay stopped and asked them to haul ours off that day as well as chop the one down in the back.

Back of the House - Tree Gone

They also added gutters to the house. They blend in so well you can barely see them in these pictures.

Front of the House – Gutters

Front of the House - Gutters

Back of the House – Gutters

Back of the House - Gutters

East of the House – Gutters

East Side of the House - Gutters

West of the House – Gutters

West Side of the House - Gutters

The house doesn’t smell as bad now that the stain has aired out, so I ran through and snapped some shots. I can’t really look over everything well to avoid paint fumes, so it’s nice to be able to come home and look at the pictures. Everything looks like it’s primed and ready to go. They even started in on the fireplace and Dining Room Cabinets. I like the Wolf Grey 2127-40 by Benjamin Moore that we decided to go with. I was worried it would have too much blue in it.

Dining Room- Primed Paint

Dining Room - Gray Cupboards (2)

Dining Room - Gray Cupboards

Dining Room - Primed Paint 2

Dining Room - Primed Paint

Living Room- Primed Paint

Living Room - Primed Paint

Alexa’s Bedroom – Primed Paint

Alexa's Room - Primed Paint

Kitchen- Primed Paint

Kitchen - Primed Paint

Laundry- Primed Paint

Laundry Room - Primed Paint

Master Bedroom – Primed Paint

Master Bedroom - Primed Paint

Mudroom- Primed Paint

The painters messed up on the locker bench and primed it, so they have to come back and sand the paint off.
Mud Room - Primed Paint

Mudroom - Pantry Primed Paint

Upstairs Hallway- Primed Paint

Upstairs Hallway - primed Paint 2

Upstairs Hallway - Primed Paint

Picking Exterior Paint and Meeting Neighbors

Our main objective this weekend was to finalize our exterior paint color. We had just repainted our house a year or two ago and went through this. It’s horrible. I hate trying to figure out what paint color will work. I had assumed that we would use the same since we would still have some of the color on our house, but since they replaced our siding 100% we have to do this again. We drove around all evening looking at houses and we though we spot one that we really liked. Just like last time we did this, I did that awkward thing where I hopped out and asked the owner of the house if I could match my paint swatches to it. Luckily everyone has always been really nice about it. Last time one person painted a board for me to match it another just explained how they picked it. This time the lady was super nice and offered to let me borrow a can of paint with the formula on it, so I could paint part of the house and then be able to order it. She was so nice and helpful.
That color was a little to brown for us, so we went with a more grey color. We chose Benjamin Moore Storm Cloud Grey 2140-40 for the body of the house and Benjamin Moore Winter White OC-21 for our trim.
Exterior Paint
Now onto interior paint. This is more difficult than I thought. We have to pick wall, trim, cabinets and ceilings and it is hard to focus on each room.

We also widened our water pipe to help with water pressure. They got that done pretty quickly on Friday:
Water Pipe (2)

Water Pipe

Below are recent pics from Friday. They are doing a great job on tiling. I never realized how slow it is to tile, but that just shows that they are taking their time and doing it right.

Baby Boy’s Bathroom Tile

Baby Boy's Room Penny Round Tile

Baby Boy's Room Subway Tile Start (2)

Baby Boy's Room Subway Tile Start

Downstairs Bathroom – Finish Laying the Tile

Main Floor Bathroom Carrera Tile

Maren’s Bathroom Tile

Maren's Bathroom Tile

Master Bathroom Tile

Master Bathroom Wall Tile Start

Master Bedroom Tub

Upstairs Hallway – Trim and Cabinet

All of the trim is being put upstairs. They pretty much have it all done downstairs except for some areas I want done for imperfections.
Upstairs Hallway Cabinet Trim

Upstairs Hallway Trim (2)

Upstairs Hallway Trim (3)

Upstairs Hallway Trim

Front Room Fireplace Mantel

I love how this is coming out. I like the detail around the top of the mantle.
Front Room Fireplace Mantel Start

Living Room Trim

Living Room Mantle Trim

Living Room Trim

Source: https://hallinteriors.com.au/

I’m Back & I Get to Finally See the Cabinets

I am back in town and I finally got to see the house. After I was in Florida at Homestead ARB, I came home and went directly to Whiteman AFB. After a week at Whiteman, I met the family at the lake. So after all that, I came home today and saw all of our new cabinets and trim. The builders tackled the door frames and kitchen crown molding since we’ve been gone as well.

You can see all of the trim that is about to go in:
Wood Pile

Front Room Trim

The crown is up and the windows are framed in. Now we have the mantel to decide on and what sconces will go above the mantel.
Front Room Trim (2)

Front Room Trim

Alexa's Bedroom Trim (2)

Alexa’s Room Trim

Alexa has a lot of her crown and baseboards done. I think we even finalized a paint color and trim color, so now we just have the decorating left in her room. She keeps asking to have her ceiling painted like her old room did. I am still trying to decide on if I am going to do that in any of the rooms.
Alexa's Bedroom Trim

Alexa's Closet

Downstairs Bathroom Trim and Cabinets

Below is a shot of our cabinet for the bathroom. I think we are going to paint it black with carrera marble tops for the sinks.
Downstairs Bathroom Cabinet

Downstairs Bathroom Trim and Tile Prep

Downstairs Bathroom

Kitchen Trim

The kitchen has a lot of its molding done. This room is one of the hardest to decide on colors for the cabinets and what tops we are putting in. I love the marble, but it hold up next to the granite. We are trying to find an alternative that looks like marble, but is made of granite like “Super White Granite.”
Kitchen Crown Molding (2)

Kitchen Crown Molding (3)

Kitchen Crown Molding

Dining Room Trim

All the crown molding is up in the dining room. All that’s left is the baseboards.
Dining Room Trim (2)

Dining Room Trim

Mudroom Trim

Notice the locked door below. This is the laundry room. I still have yet to see it. I did pick out granite for my counter tops for that room, but I have yet to see it. The lockers are starting to go in as well. I like it, but I think it’s going to be a tight fit to get four lockers in it.
Locked Laundry Room Door

Mud Room Locker

Mudroom Pantry

Hallway Trim And Cubby

I like the little cubby that will be in the hallway. I also like the fact that the hallway is opened up and not as closed off. Now I just have to figure out what kind of light I want to go in. I think I want a pendant light of some sort.
Downstairs Hallway Cubby

Downstairs Hallway Trim (2)

Downstairs Hallway Trim

Looking Downstairs

Baby Boy’s Room Cabinet, Closet and Shower

Baby Boy’s room had the window seat installed, all of the closet done and the tile prepped. They are starting to tile this week. The tile was one of the first purchases we made for the house, so we already forgot what it will all look like.
Baby Boy's Bathroom Tile Prep

Baby Boy's Cabinet

Baby Boy's Closet

Baby Boy's Window Seat

Maren’s Room Cabinet, Closet and Shower

Maren’s window seat and cabinet were there today as well. They also cut the cubbies in most of the bathrooms where all of our shelves are going to go to hold their shampoos.
Maren's Bathroom Cabinet

Maren's Bathroom Tile Prep

Maren's Bedroom Window Seat


These are just shots of our stairs just to remember. It has an old chair rail around the top that was taken out, which I am glad. I never really knew why it was there and it always looked a little odd.


Start of the Cabinets

Being gone two weeks have been really hard. I’ve missed my family a ton and I’ve missed a lot going on with the house. I can at least talk to everyone everyday to keep me going. I have two more days and I will get to be with them again! I plan to meet them at the lake after I get off of work on my final day, so I won’t see the house until Sunday. At least I have Jay sending me pictures of the house.

One of my friends text me this morning and say that there were two Miller Custom Cabinet trucks in front of my house. I figured they may be finishing the closets. I had no idea what was in store.

Check out the pictures Jay sent me:

Kitchen Cabinets

Now the room is feeling like the kitchen. I think having the cabinets in will help us settle on counter tops and cabinet colors.
Kitchen Cabinets

Laundry Room Cabinets

This of course is one of my favorite rooms, because all of my crafts and sewing machine will be living here. Before I was working in our tiny upstairs closet. I would open the doors to the closet, pull out my folding chair and work sideways on top of an old dresser. It worked well for what I needed at the time, but it will be exciting to have my own place of it. I can also use it as my office when I am working from home. I am thinking I want grey quartz counter tops in this room, but I am going to keep searching around the internet to figure out what I want. Jay said it was even more impressive in person.
Laundry Room Cabinets

Mudroom Cabinets

Our microwave is going straight into the empty hole. The rest will be a pantry for extra storage. We originally did not think of having the pantry in the mudroom until speaking with our contractor. Mark pointed out that we had a ton of extra space that would be a good place to put a pantry in when we were still working with the architect. I originally wanted a drawer microwave in the kitchen, but I was talked into by everyone to put the microwave out in the mudroom. Hopefully we won’t use the microwave as much as we do our stove top.
Mudroom Pantry - Cabinets

Dining Room Cabinets

These came out amazing. I can’t wait to see it with the counters and color we pick. Not all the cabinets are in yet. This room has always been really easy to picture once we bought our table. Now we just have to figure out our light fixture.
Dining Room Cabinets

Alexa’s Room Vanity and Closet

I originally had Alexa’s closet really simple, but Mark was able to come up with a better idea. I think this will give her the best use for her space. The vanity, I am still not sure of. I am think that it’s not very girly, so I was trying to come up with an idea to help make it more feminine. I think maybe by adding some long curved legs to the front of it to make it feel like a desk may help make it feel complete. I don’t think I like the floating part of it.
Alexa's Closet

Alexa's Vanity

Downstairs Hallway Nook

This is our tiny nook in our downstairs hallway. The funny part is that Jay and I don’t really have any nick-nacks, but now we have all these bookcases to fill! I will have to stock up on bookends and books.
Downstairs Hallway

Upstairs Hallway Knee Wall Bookcases

More bookcases! We told the kids that they get their own section of the bookcase. I want to come up with an idea for bookends that have their initials or something to show whose bookcase is whose. I am liking the bookcases though. I think they turned out great.
Hallway Knee Wall Bookcases (2)

Hallway Knee Wall Bookcases

Maren’s Room Closet

The doors are wedged shut, so we don’t know if the closet is built or not. It’s a secret for now…
Maren's Bedroom Closet

Baby Boy’s Room Knee Wall Cabinets

We had a fun time coming up with how to use the knee wall. We really wanted to have the best use for this wall. A lot of old cape cods have the built in dressers. I like them, but the drawers seem to always stick or fall of their hinges. I am hoping that these will be done so well that they last a lifetime and won’t give us problems when we are 60 years old.
Baby Boy's Bedroom Knee Wall Built Ins

Baby Boy's Built In Knee Wall Dresser

Master Bathroom Cabinets

It’s not in the bathroom yet, but we got a sneak peak to how it looks.
Master Bathroom Vanity - Cabinets

Nooks, Crannies and Closets

We were given a deadline to come up with how the closet in each room will look like on the inside and if we wanted to add any nooks throughout the house. Of course I have to be out of the town for the military, so Jay gets to go solo on this meeting. I am trying to do my best to explain what I am wanting.

Master Bathroom Shower Nook

I thought a nook above our bench would work out the best to keep the shampoo and conditioners up off the ground.
Master Shower Nook

Master Bathroom Bathtub Nook

I am picturing something similar to this for our nook by our tub. We haven’t decided if we wanted it on one or both sides.

Contemporary Bathroom by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Mark Ashby Design

Master Bedroom Nook

After ordering our bed and nightstand we realized that only one nightstand would work, so Jay and Mark, our contractor, came up with a plan to put a nook by his side of the bed. (Check our new bed and nightstand out in this post: Out Master Bedroom Bed and Nightstand
Master Bedroom Wall Nook

Maren’s Bedroom Nook

Maren has an odd entry from her hallway to her bedroom. I thought a nook would be perfect there since that space won’t be used.
Maren's Wall Nook

Maren’s Bedroom Closet

Maren’s closet is pretty big and wide, so I thought I could add a section to the right to organize her clothes for each day of the week. In the past, we had something similar to that. We tried to lay out their clothing every Sunday night for that entire school week.
Maren's Closet

Shower Nook (Maren’s Bathroom, Baby Boy’s Bathroom and Downstairs Bathroom)

We want something like this for Maren’s and Baby Boy’s bathrooms (and possibly the downstairs bathroom as well):

Contemporary Bathroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Habitar Design

Baby Boy’s Bedroom Closet

This was easy to come up with a design. I knew I wanted shelves in the odd area. I also figured that since he is a boy he can have two rods hanging in his closet. The girls can’t do this since they will have dresses that would get in the way.
Baby Boy's Closet

Baby’s Boy’s Window Seat Nook

It would be nice to have an area to put books in by the window seat. It may be too much in that area, but I thought I would see what our builder thought.
Baby Boy's Window Seat Nook
I love how this window seat has their bookcase, but they don’t have sconces:

Traditional Kids by Saratoga Springs Design-Build Firms Witt Construction

Hallway Nook

This would be the perfect place to put a nook.
Downstairs Hallway Nook

Alexa’s Closet

Alexa has a very plain closet, but it is bigger than what she had before.
Alexa's Closet

Alexa’s Nook in Vanity Area

Alexa wanted a built in bookcase somewhere in her room, but I didn’t think there was a good place for it. We may be able to put one under her sconce by her vanity, but I think it might be too tight of an area.
Alexa's Vanity Nook

Kitchen Above Stove Nook

This one is Jay’s call, but I know we talked about having a nook in the kitchen above the stove. We haven’t decided yet, but this is one similar to what I would want.

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

Alexa’s Room

Alexa had just repainted her bedroom about 6 months before our remodel. It used to be pink with green ceilings and she just outgrew the light pink color:
Before Alexa's Room

Then we changed to her new teal color that she got to pick out herself and she loved it:
Alexa's Room 2

Alexa's Room

You can also check out her old room here: http://villagecapecod.com/before-alexas-room/

She still wants to stick with her new teal walls (they look blue in the above pictures), so here is the color scheme I was thinking:
Alexa's Paint

Both girls wanted the same color walls. Maren likes hot pink and Alexa really liked the coral, so I think I can do two rooms that have the same wall color but will look completely different. Because of all of the changes in her room, I think I am going to have to get rid of some of the furniture. Most likely her chair and her desk will need to go to accommodate her new vanity area and the pocket wall into the bathroom. She has mentioned that she didn’t want to get rid of her desk, but I think once we move in and she sees how it all fits into the space she will understand.

We did find sconces for her vanity area. Pottery Barn Kids was also having 15% off this week on any purchases, so we were able to save a little bit and find the color that matches her room. All of her furniture is a little off white and Pottery Barn just happens to be the same off white color:
Pottery Barn Sconce - Carolina

Click here to go to Pottery Barn’s site.

Here is my to-do list for Alexa’s Room (not as much compared to other rooms):

  • Find new curtains
  • Find a new rug
  • Maybe a new bedspread
  • Cabinet Hardware Decisions

    We had to decide on the hardware today and below are our final decisions.

    Downstairs Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

    Downstairs Cabinets

    I like how the placement and hardware is on this cabinet:

    Traditional Bathroom by Nashville Interior Designers & Decorators cke interior design llc

    Master Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

    Master Bath Cabinets

    I want something similar to these cabinets:

    Traditional Bathroom by Elkins Park Interior Designers & Decorators Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP

    Baby Boy’s Cabinet Hardware

    Baby Boy Cabinet

    Maren’s Cabinet Hardware

    Maren's Cabinets

    Here is what I would love her cabinets to look like:

    Traditional Bathroom by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Carey Mudford Interior Design

    Laundry Room Cabinet Hardware

    Laundry Cabinets

    This would be my dream cabinets:

    Contemporary Laundry Room by Irvine Tile, Stone & Countertops Venetian Stone Gallery

    Sheetrock Check

    The final sheetrock went in and now the long process of mudding and taping begins. Perfect timing for the boring part to begin. I have to leave yet again for two weeks for the military, so I won’t be missing too much going on with the house. It will also give me some time to focus on the baby and some of our remaining house items we need to purchase.

    Downstairs Bedroom (Alexa’s Room) – Sheetrock

    Check out her special area for her vanity next to her closet. I am hoping that the make-up/hair mess will be hidden from site from the hallway.
    Downstairs Bedroom - Sheetrock (2)

    Downstairs Bedroom - Sheetrock (3)

    Downstairs Bedroom - Sheetrock

    Downstair’s Bathroom – Sheetrock

    Downstairs Bathroom - Sheetrock (2)

    Downstairs Bathroom - Sheetrock

    Hallway- Sheetrock

    Downstairs Hallway - Sheetrock (2)

    Downstairs Hallway - Sheetrock

    Dining Room – Sheetrock

    Dining Room - Sheetrock (2)

    Dining Room - Sheetrock

    Front Room – Sheetrock

    Front Room - Sheetrock (2)

    Front Room - Sheetrock (3)

    Front Room - Sheetrock (4)

    Front Room - Sheetrock

    Bottom Floor Sheetrock

    We were happy to see the drywall guys working on Saturday and with all the work they did in one day, but we were even more ecstatic to see that they came back on Sunday and got a lot done on the main floor. Now there are only a few rooms less and they can start mudding and taping.

    Check out all the work they got done today:

    Living Room – Sheetrock

    Living Room - Sheetrock (2)

    Living Room - Sheetrock (3)

    Living Room - Sheetrock

    Dining Room – Sheetrock

    Dining Room - Sheetrock (2)

    Dining Room - Sheetrock

    Kitchen- Sheetrock

    Kitchen - Sheetrock (2)

    Kitchen - Sheetrock (3)

    Kitchen - Sheetrock

    Mudroom- Sheetrock

    Mudroom - Sheetrock (2)

    Mudroom - Sheetrock (3)

    Mudroom - Sheetrock

    Laundry Room – Sheetrock

    Laundry Room - Sheetrock (2)

    Laundry Room - Sheetrock

    Start The Sheetrock

    They worked all day Saturday and got a lot of the sheetrock done. We were told that the sheetrock goes up in a couple of days but the mudding and taping is what will take a few weeks to complete. The whole upstairs was completed yesterday and some of the ceilings downstairs. I can now really picture how each of the rooms will look like upstairs and how much space we really have to start figuring out where I want the furniture in each room.

    Front Room – Ceiling Sheetrock

    Front Room - Ceiling Sheet Rock (2)

    Front Room - Ceiling Sheet Rock

    Living Room - Ceiling Sheet Rock (2)

    Downstairs Bedroom Room (Alexa’s Room) – Ceiling Sheetrock

    Downstairs Bedroom - Ceiling Sheet Rock

    Downstairs Bathroom – Ceiling Sheetrock

    Downstairs Bathroom - Ceiling Sheet Rock

    Upstairs Hallway – Sheetrock

    Upstairs Hallway - Sheet Rock

    Upstairs Hallway - Sheet Rock_1

    Upstairs Hallway - Sheet Rock_2

    Upstairs Hallway - Sheet Rock_3

    Master Bedroom – Sheetrock

    Master Bedroom - Sheet Rock (2)

    Master Bedroom - Sheet Rock (3)

    Master Bedroom - Sheet Rock (4)

    Master Bedroom - Sheet Rock

    Master Bedroom Bathroom – Sheetrock

    Master Bedroom Bath - Sheet Rock (2)

    Master Bedroom Bath - Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 1 (Baby’s Room) – Sheetrock

    Bedroom 1 - Sheet Rock (2)

    Bedroom 1 - Sheet Rock (3)

    Bedroom 1 - Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 1 (Baby’s Room) Bath – Sheetrock

    Bedroom 1 Bathroom - Sheet Rock (2)

    Bedroom 1 Bathroom - Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 1 (Baby’s Room) Closet – Sheetrock

    Bedroom 1 Closet - Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 1 Closet - Sheet Rock_1

    Bedroom 2 (Maren’s Room) Hallway – Sheetrock

    Bedroom 2 Hallway- Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 2 (Maren’s Room) Bedroom – Sheetrock

    Bedroom 2 - Sheet Rock (2)

    Bedroom 2 - Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 2 (Maren’s Room) Bedroom Bath – Sheetrock

    Bedroom 2 Bathroom- Sheet Rock

    Bedroom 2 Bathroom- Sheet Rock

    Crazy On Our Street

    Our street had an exciting day. Every young kid loves to see a fire truck and our neighborhood kids got to see one today thanks to our house. Nothing really major happened, but when they were digging the trench they accidentally struck the gas line. They did all the right things and called in the proper people to help fix it in no time.

    Over lunchtime, Jay and I swung by to meet up with our contractor and the trim guy to pick out all the trim around the doors, baseboards and the crown molding. The heat got to this pregnant girl pretty fast, so I wasn’t really in the mood for it all but we made it through and we now have the decision checked off of our list of to-do’s.

    They were just finishing up doing the final insulation touches (fiber insulation will have to go in around our can lights and other areas that can’t have the foam spray) and next our sheet rock will go in. Our guys are such hard workers that they actually came a day to soon and started sheet rocking, but had to stop since the insulation guys weren’t fully done. At least they got some of their sheet rock hauled in. They are looking at working more on the sheet rock tomorrow or Saturday.

    I quickly went in and grabbed some shots and got right out tonight. It really doesn’t give off a horrible odor, but everyone kept telling me I shouldn’t be there. It was pretty amazing what a difference the insulation is making on the upper floor. Don’t get me wrong – our non-air conditioned house is still very hot, but you can somewhat breath up there now. Before it was miserable to be upstairs.

    Front of the House – Add on to the Portico

    They did some more fancy trim around the portico today. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed, but Jay and I both did.
    Front of House - Fancier Portico

    Back of the House – Added the Gas Meter

    The gas meter is in safely!
    Back of the House - Gas Meter (2)

    Back of the House - Gas Meter

    Meter is installed

    Front Room – Foam Insulation

    Front Room - Foam Insulation

    Front Room - Insulation

    Alexa’s Room – Foam Insulation

    Some sheet rock was installed today too.
    Alexa's Room - Insulation and Sheet Rock Start (2)

    Alexa's Room - Insulation and Sheet Rock Start

    Downstair’s Bathroom – Foam Insulation

    Downstairs Bathroom - Foam Insulation

    Living Room – Foam Insulation

    Living Room - Insulation

    Living Room - Insulation (2)

    Dining Room – Foam Insulation

    Dining Room - Foam Insulation

    Kitchen – Foam Insulation

    Noticed the old garage door is now gone and foam insulation is in it’s place.
    Kitchen - Insulation

    Mud Room – Foam Insulation

    The sheet rock is up and you can see where the new casing for the door is going to go in.
    Mud Room - Foam Insulation

    Mud Room - Foam Insulation.jpeg (2)

    Mud Room - Foam Insulation.jpeg

    Laundry Room – Foam Insulation

    Laundry Room - Foam Insulation (3)

    Laundry Room - Foam Insulation (4)

    Laundry Room - Foam Insulation (5)

    Laundry Room - Foam Insulation

    Master Bedroom – Foam Insulation

    Some sheet rock was installed here as well, but they had to take one piece down to make sure the can light was well insulated.
    Master Bedroom - Foam Insulation and Sheet Rock (2)

    Master Bedroom - Foam Insulation and Sheet Rock

    Insulation To The Rescue

    One of our biggest issues in our house prior to our rebuild was the regulation of the heat mainly in Maren’s room and the rest of the upstairs. During the summer it was really hot and in the winter it was really cold. We always kept a fan or heater in her room, but I hated having the heater running in her room for safety reasons. It was a pretty easy decision to go with the foam insulation instead of fiberglass insulation because of this reason. We are hoping this will make a huge improvement on how our upstairs feel and help reduce heating and cooling costs.

    They got half of the upstairs done and will get the rest done in the next couple of days.

    Bedroom 1 Insulation – Baby’s Room

    Bedroom 1 - Insulation

    Bedroom 1 - Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 1 - Insulation (3)

    Bedroom 1 Bathroom Insulation – Baby’s Room

    Bedroom 1 Bathroom - Insulation

    Bedroom 2 Insulation – Maren’s Room

    Bedroom 2 - Insulation

    Bedroom 2 - Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 2 - Insulation (3)

    Bedroom 2 Ceiling - Insulation

    Bedroom 2 Bathroom Insulation – Maren’s Room

    Bedroom 2 Bathroom - Insulation

    Not So Quick Review Of The House

    I figured a quick review of the house would be in order here. They are planning that insulation will be done in the next couple of days, so I wanted to make sure to snap a picture of what all the rooms look like with all the wiring and pipes exposed. Plus they completed the wood floors in the upstairs hallway, finished the entire tile on the upper back porch, installed all the speakers and added gas to the fireplace. They also buried our lines finally.

    Buried Lines

    Buried Lines (2)

    Buried Lines

    New Gas Lines

    Front Room Fireplace Gas - Before Insulation

    I stopped by on my way home from base to see everything new that happened while I was gone. I was able to go through each room and take different angles through the heat and heartburn! Be aware – there are a ton of pictures below.

    Front Room

    Front Room - Before Insulation 2

    Front Room - Before Insulation 3

    Front Room Fireplace Gas - Before Insulation (2)

    Dining Room

    Dining Room - Before Insulation (2)

    Dining Room - Before Insulation


    Before Kitchen - Insulation (2)

    Before Kitchen - Insulation

    Kitchen - Before Insulation

    Laundry Room

    Laundry Room - Before Insulation (2)

    Laundry Room - Before Insulation

    Living Room

    Living Room - Before Insulation 2

    Living Room - Before Insulation


    Mudroom - Before Insulation (2)

    Mudroom - Before Insulation (3)

    Mudroom - Before Insulation

    Downstairs Bathroom

    Downstairs Bathroom - Before Insulation (2)

    Downstairs Bathroom - Before Insulation

    Downstairs Hallway

    Downstairs Hallway - Before Insulation (2)

    Downstairs Hallway - Before Insulation

    Downstairs Bedroom – Alexa’s Bedroom

    Downstairs Room - Before Insulation (2)

    Downstairs Room - Before Insulation (3)

    Downstairs Room - Before Insulation

    Upstairs Hallway

    Upstiars Hallway Closet - Before Insulation

    Upstairs Hallway - New Wood Floors

    Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom - Before Insulation 5

    Master Bedroom - Before Insulation 6

    Master Bedroom - Before Insulation (3)

    Master Bedroom - Before Insulation (4)

    Master Bedroom - Before Insulation

    Master Bathroom

    Master Bedroom Bath - Before Insulation (2)

    Master Bedroom Bath - Before Insulation

    Upper Back Porch

    Upper Porch - Finished Tile.

    Upper Porch - Finished Tile

    Bedroom #1 – Baby’s Room

    Bedroom 1 - Before Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 1 - Before Insulation (3)

    Bedroom 1 - Before Insulation

    Bedroom #1 Bathroom- Baby’s Room

    Bedroom 1 Bath - Before Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 1 Bath - Before Insulation

    Bedroom #1 Closet- Baby’s Room

    Bedroom 1 Closet - Before Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 1 Closet - Before Insulation (3)

    Bedroom 1 Closet - Before Insulation

    Bedroom #2 – Maren’s Room

    Bedroom 2 - Before Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 2 - Before Insulation (3)

    Bedroom 2 - Before Insulation

    Bedroom #2 Bath – Maren’s Bedroom

    Bedroom 2 Bath - Before Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 2 Bath - Before Insulation

    Bedroom #2 Closet – Maren’s Bedroom

    Bedroom 2 Closet - Before Insulation (2)

    Bedroom 2 Closet - Before Insulation

    Bedroom #2 Hallway – Maren’s Bedroom

    Bedroom 2 Hallway - Before Insulation

    Wood Floors Are In

    Well, almost. They got most of it done in the downstairs, so they will have the upstairs hallway and the rest to do this week. I think they look good and it makes the house feel like we are going on the downhill to completion.

    The floors will be stained dark once it’s all said and done.

    Here is a look from yesterday and one from today to see the difference:
    Wood Floor Comparison

    Downstairs Bedroom New Wood Floors

    They had to patch where the old closet was and now where the new closet and vanity are going in the downstairs bedroom.
    Alexas Room Unfinished New Wood Floors

    Downstairs Hallway New Wood Floors

    We took out the hallway towel closet to add more space to the bathroom, so they had to patch in where the old closet was.
    Downstairs Hallway Unfinished New Wood Floors

    Dining Room New Wood Floors

    I am excited to see how the rooms all flow together now.
    Dining Room Unfinished New Wood Floors (2)

    Dining Room Unfinished New Wood Floors

    Kitchen New Wooden Floors

    Kitchen Dining Room Unfinished New Wood Floors

    Kitchen Unfinished New Wood Floors (2)

    Kitchen Unfinished New Wood Floors (3)

    Kitchen Unfinished New Wood Floors

    Living Room New Wooden Floors

    Living Room Unfinished New Wood Floors

    Backyard Excavation

    We had to bury our lines, so the excavator came and dug out all of our landscaping. It was overgrown and we are going to do something simpler next year anyway, but I did hate seeing the rose bush go.
    Excavation (2)


    Upper Porch Tile

    They also started tiling the upper porch (actually they started yesterday.) I don’t know how they did this with all the heat. We went to the house around 5:30PM and it was so hot, I could barely stand it for 5 minutes before I was ready to leave! They cut the tile on the top floor in the master bedroom, which is one of the hottest areas of the house.
    We opted to leave the tile the color it is. We could have picked to treat it to go a little darker, but I like the greys that come out of it.
    Upper Porch Flamed Granite Tile (2)

    Upper Porch Flamed Granite Tile (3)

    Upper Porch Flamed Granite Tile

    Upper Porch Flamed Granite Tile (4)

    Bathroom Fans and Air Vents

    One of our biggest concerns was getting mold in the bathrooms. We had a huge issue on our main floor due to the fact that we didn’t have a fan in the bathroom. We want to do anything and everything to avoid having that issue again.

    Upstairs Bedroom #2 Bathroom Vent
    Bedroom 2 Bathroom Vent

    Upstairs Bedroom #2 Bathroom Vent
    Front Upstairs Room Vents

    Downstairs Bathroom Vent
    Downstairs Bathroom Vent

    Becoming A Cabinet Expert

    **Warning: This is going to be a really long post about cabinets!
    We have three main items to decide on today. Audio / Smart Home, Cabinets / Vanities and Doors. The doors were pretty easy. I knew I wanted a two panel door like this one: Two Panel Door
    It’s simple and similar to what we had before.

    The Audio / Smart Home was a little harder. Jay made a lot of these decisions around where it will all go and what type of equipment we will be using. We decided to wire for all rooms, but only install speakers in some of the rooms. They put a clamp on the speaker wires that are in the wall, so they can go back and find them when we are ready to expand. We figured we could cut some costs by only doing one zone. We picked the kitchen, downstairs back patio, front room, master bedroom and then the family room will have surround sound. At first we had the laundry room, master bedroom, upper back patio and upstairs hallway, but after getting the estimate we reduced it down to just the 4 main areas we plan to entertain in and get the most use out of. Here is our speaker placement for now (minus the wiring):
    Speaker Placement

    Here’s the tough part, the cabinets. We had to become cabinet experts very quickly and decide on what they looked like and how they functions. I want to make sure we thought of everything when it came to this and hoped we didn’t leave anything out. We have a ton to think about too. We have a kitchen, mudroom pantry, mudroom lockers, laundry room, dining room entertainment center, living room fireplace, downstairs bedroom extra vanity, downstairs bathroom vanity, upstairs hallway, first bedroom knee wall, first bedroom bathroom vanity, back bedroom vanity, and finally master bathroom vanity. I am sure I left something out, but I think that may be it.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    First to think about is the kitchen. Here is our first draft from the cabinet guy:
    Kitchen Cabinet Layout
    We have a main sink and a prep sink. I almost wish we put the prep sink on the opposite side of the counter to spread out the sinks. We are going to have an ‘L’ shaped counter top on the island for seating, so the island is a little bigger then what is actually pictured. Another concern I had is that I feel there should be two trash bins. Maybe we can have a small one place under the prep sink. I just feel like one should really be there to accommodate for the main place we will cook at. I also noticed that we don’t have a place marked for the microwave. I think we finally decided on putting it in the mudroom pantry. I wanted it in the island in a drawer, but I was overruled. Still not sure how I feel on that one.

    Dining Room Cabinets

    Dining Room Cabinets
    I think this was Jay’s favorite area of the house. As soon as we started to rebuild, he knew exactly what he wanted this area to look like:

    Traditional Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Dalia Kitchen Design

    We are going to put all of our electronics for the main floor in these cabinets, so Mark our contractor had the HVAC guy put in a vent to keep it all cool.

    Mudroom Pantry

    Mudroom Pantry Cabinets
    Originally we had the lockers and pantry on opposite sides, but I figured it would make sense to flip them so you don’t notice the mess in from the lockers as easily. We are also thinking about adding in a door from the kitchen into the mudroom.
    Here is a mockup I did with an added microwave. I am not crazy about it yet.
    Mudroom Pantry Cabinets - Our Changes

    Laundry Room Cabinets

    Next is the laundry room:
    Laundry Room Cabinets
    I am very excited about having my own little nook to work and sew in. It gives me a place to organize all my craft supplies and fabric. The one thing missing on this is a space to put my feet. We also need to decide if we are going to leave the space above the washer and dryer open shelving or put cabinets up.

    Bathroom Cabinets

    We have very similar bathroom cabinets for the main floor bathroom, upstairs front bedroom and upstairs back bedroom.
    Bathroom Cabinets
    These should be pretty simple to pick out, but I wanted to make sure we did something that looked nice and would function well. I really like this style:

    Traditional Bathroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

    But with this color of paint for at least Maren’s room:

    Traditional Bathroom by Atlanta Photographers Erica George Dines Photography

    Master Bathroom Cabinets

    Masterbath Cabinets

    Jay and I like a lot of different cabinets. We were leaning towards an open area to put towels. This is the first one we both really liked.

    Traditional Bathroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

    Bedroom #1 Knee Wall Cabinets

    Bedroom 1 Knee Wall Cabinet Plans

    This drawing only shows cabinets with drawers. We plan to redo it to look more like this:
    Bedroom 1 Knee Wall Cabinet Plans - Our Changes

    We wanted to have drawers on the left of the window and open cubbies and a cabinet to the right.

    Even More Outlets and Electrical Wiring

    We were gone for a few days, so its always fun to come home to see what was done. They did more HVAC, wiring, outlets, framing and they laid our first tile. Also, all of the siding on the back of the house is complete and the windows in Maren’s room are installed.

    Front of the House

    Front of the House - Wiring (2)

    Front of the House - Wiring (3)

    Front of the House - Wiring

    Font of House Wiring of Outlets

    Back of the House

    Maren’s windows in her room are up and we have all of the siding complete on the back.
    Back of the House - Maren's Windows

    Back of the House - Maren's Windows (2)

    Back of the House - Marens Windows

    You can see all the wiring they did for the outdoors, so we can have good placement for electricity. Older homes like ours generally don’t have enough outlets outside.
    Back of the House - Bottom Porch Wiring

    We decided to tile the top and bottom porch instead of leaving it plain cement or using wood. We know we aren’t the type to stain the wood every year to maintain it, so Jay researched and found a simple way of tiling it with flamed granite. We only will have to seal it every couple of years, but besides that it’s pretty hands off for maintenance. We bought almost all of our tile through the Tile Shop, so once we decided to go with tile we set out to look again for the best price and the Tile Shop was able to beat everyone else. Even with our contractor’s discount at other places. Here is the link to the tile we bought from the Tile Shop: Tile Shop – Flamed Granite Flamed Granite We figured the flamed granite would give it a texture so it wasn’t as slippery if it got wet, plus we like how earthy it looks to look like it fits the outdoors better. The Tile Shop had it in the a kitchen for their example when we went to go look at it.

    Back of the House - Upper Porch Tile (2)

    Back of the House - Upper Porch Tile

    East Side of the House

    Nothing new going on here, but I figured that it would be nice to show the latest update.
    East Side of the House Wiring

    West Side of the House

    All the wiring is in for the west side of the house.
    West Side of the House Wiring

    Maren’s Room

    Check out Maren’s new windows. They are finally in to complete the room. They are also framing in the fireplace. We wanted to leave the nice portion of the wood exposed, so they are making a mantel like shelf for her.
    Maren's Room Windows and Fireplace Framing

    Living Room

    The living room mantel is being framed in and we are ready for the bookcases to be built.
    Living Room Fireplace Framing

    This is what we are thinking about (minus the TV):

    Traditional Family Room by Novato Kitchen & Bath Designers Julie Williams Design

    Thank goodness for Houzz!

    Dining Room

    Dining Room HVAC and Wiring

    Dining Room Wiring


    Kitchen Wiring

    Front Room

    The sconce wiring went in this week.
    Front Room Fireplace Wiring - Sconce

    Master Bedroom

    They curved our arches separating our reading area with where our bed will be.
    Master Bedroom Framing

    Upstairs Hallway

    They got all of our bookcases framed in.
    Upstairs Hallway Bookcase Framing


    Crazy wires. I hope they know where these all go too. This looks crazy, but I know they all belong to something. I am shocked there aren’t more to be honest with all the wiring going on upstairs.
    Basement Wiring

    4th of July Granite Countertops

    Each summer holiday all of the Teeter family comes down to hang out at the lake together. It’s a packed house, but we always have fun together. The kids typically fish and swim all day, while the adults sit out and watch. My favorite part is usually taking all the kids jet skiing, but this year I had to sit out and watch everyone.

    Earlier we had mentioned that we were going to get rid of our granite countertops during our rebuild, so Jay asked his family if the granite tops would fit at the lakehouse. The aunts all measured and figured that it would fit if was trimmed down a little.

    We headed down a day earlier then everyone else, so we weren’t there when the uncles came to pick the granite up from our house. With help from our neighbors they were successful at getting it loaded into the truck. That same day the uncles all got to work uninstalling the current counter and cutting back the granite to fit. They installed it all in record time. Overall, I think they look pretty good. Plus, its a bonus anytime we can reuse instead of trash something.

    Our Old House

    Here is a pic of what they looked like when we had them installed in our galley kitchen in 2011 before our rebuild. Who knew we would end up redoing our whole house a couple years later.
    Old kitchen counter

    Teetor Lakehouse

    This is a shot of the countertop’s new home. I like how the old and the new goes together. I was afraid the new granite tops would look awkward with the old kitchen cabinets.
    Next they plan to redo the backsplash to fit in better with the counter tops.
    Lakehouse Countertops (2)

    Lakehouse Countertops

    Wired Up

    They got a lot of our house wiring done today along with a lot of the house cleanup.

    Front of the House

    You can see the new temporary door they put in this weekend.
    Front of the House Temporary Front Door

    House Wiring

    There are wires everywhere.
    Baby’s Room Wiring:
    Baby's Room Wiring

    Master Bedroom Wiring:
    Master Bedroom Wiring


    Look at the before and after. Pretty crazy how they can clean up so well.
    Basement Trash Pile

    Downstairs Basement Clean

    Chimney, HVAC and Plumbing – Oh My

    This weekend was the first time we didn’t have sports (we did have Saturday morning golf lessons, Alexa had a birthday party to go to and I had a Saturday middle of the night code deployment), but overall it was a pretty low key weekend. Our contractor asked us to get the rest of the stuff out of the basement, so they can get the rest of the wiring and plubming done. The crew also worked all weekend long and got the new front door frame installed, more HVAC done (more from HVAC Direct), finished the chimney and a ton of other small things around the house.

    Here are the latest updates to the house:


    They added the new bathtub to the downstairs bathroom.

    New Bathtub

    Our dining room plumbing is going in as well. We are going to have a drink center and all of our electronics in a cabinet in this room. Mark (our contractor) mentioned that he could put in a vent into our cabinets to cool everything, which we thought was a great idea.
    Start of Plumbing

    Kitchen plumbing is coming along. Once my cousin who is a plumber from the Inner West in Sydney gets here, we are going to have a full sink under the window and a smaller one in our island.
    Start of Kitchen Plumbing

    You can see the rough sketch of our island. We made it into an “L” shape so that our stools can be pushed under and they are not sitting out in the open. It’s a pretty small in width island, but long.
    Sketch of Kitchen Island

    Maren’s Bathroom shower’s plumbing was put in today, we can all learn more from an expert at Whitton Plumbing.
    Marens Bedroom Copper Plumbing

    You can also see how much plumbing throughout her room to her bathroom.
    Maren's Bedroom Plumbing Start

    They also put the copper plumbing in the baby’s room too.
    Babys Room Copper Plumbing

    More plumbing in the baby’s room for the shower.
    Babys Room Plumbing

    Back of the House

    The chimney was finished today. You can still see the mismatch in brick, but after the grout dries it should be better.
    Back of the House Chimney Finish

    Back of the House Chimney Finish (2)

    Back of the House Chimney Finish (3)

    They also finished off the back porch ceiling.
    Back Porch Ceiling

    Maren’s Room Chimney

    Maren’s room is almost all sided. They can finish it now that the chimney is done.
    Marens Room Chimney

    Marens Room Chimney (2)


    Our new air conditioner is in! This is in a different location then we had it before.


    We had to organize the basement this weekend and we still aren’t 100% through. Below is our trash pile that we created while cleaning. The crazy part is that it didn’t seem like we started with much, but we were using part of the basement as temporary storage. They also took down a hanging shelf we had with all of our seasonal decorations on it that we had to sort through and move.
    Hope this website will be useful in case you decided to have some updates, too.

    Basement Trash Pile

    Its Electric

    Monday Jay, Mark (our contractor), and I went around to each room deciding on where to put all of the different switches, lighting and outlets. Jay and I went this weekend to do an initial walk-through to decide, so we had some sort of idea going into it and it still took us 3 hours to do the walk-through. Today they started in on putting up all of the boxes before the wiring.

    Code dictates where some of the outlets are placed, but I wanted to make sure that we had plenty throughout each room. I also read one of people’s biggest regrets is not putting an outlet in their closets, so I made sure we had at least one in each closet.

    You can just count how many new outlets, switches and lights are now in. Next stop wiring.
    Outlet Start

    The mudroom has the funniest set of outlets. We are creating a locker area for each kid and then one for Jay and me to share. We wanted an outlet in each of the cubbies, so you can see how they are stacked in a row.
    Mudroom Outlet Start

    Look at all our canned lights in the kitchen. We are also going to have pendants over our island, but wanted to have plenty of lighting.
    Canned Lights

    Next on our list is ordering interior doors. I knew I wanted a two panel similar to like what we had before, but I didn’t realize how many options in a two panel there were! These are what we think we may go with (minus the door handle):

    Here is the website that gave us all our choices (I narrowed it down to only the two panel options.)


    Let’s Get This Party Started

    So many different things started today. Here is our quick list:

  • Maren’s Room Chimney Rebuild
  • Plumbing Installation
  • HVAC Installation
  • Floors
  • Other Random Stuff

  • It was fun going into the house and seeing the start of so many different areas of the house. It just helps to put together all the remaining items before the sheet rock can finally go up and the floors can go in.

    Back of the House

    You can see how the chimney is going up.
    Back of the House Chimney Start (2)

    Maren’s Room Chimney Rebuild

    This was supposed to start on Saturday, so its great to see the start even sooner. I was a little surprised too. This is the last piece of the puzzle before we can close this house up and call the siding and framing officially done.
    Chimney Rebuild Start (3)

    Chimney Rebuild Start

    Chimney Rebuild Start (2)

    Chimney Rebuild Start (4)

    Chimney Rebuild Start (5)

    Plumbing Installation

    Alexa’s room was full of plumbing elbows today. The also hit the following rooms:
    Plumbing Start

    Laundry Room
    Plubming Start Laundry Room

    Baby Boy’s Room
    Plumbing Start Baby Room

    Downstairs Bathroom
    Plumbing Start Downstairs Bath (2)

    Downstairs Bathroom
    Plumbing Start Downstairs Bath

    HVAC Installation

    HVAC actually started to go in last week, but today you can notice major changes.
    Baby Boy’s Room
    HVAC Start Baby Room

    Maren’s Closet
    HVAC Start Marens Room

    Master Bathroom
    HVAC Start Master Bath


    Floors will actually be one of the last things they do, but they did start evening the floors out by removing some of the wood floors. The entire downstairs (minus the mudroom and laundry room) will remain wood and we plan on staining it dark brown. We went back and forth on tiling the kitchen, but figured the flow of the house would bet better by keeping the hardwoods.

    Other Stuff

    We have random other items happening as well. We decided to take our old towel cabinet in our upstairs hallway and move the doors to the other side of facing the kids rooms. I figured the cabinet was so deep before and would look odd facing the hallway. Now we can use the space better and have it face the kids rooms. It will be perfect to store all of the spare towels and sheets.
    Upstairs Cabinet Start

    Front room fireplace. We wanted to redo the fireplace to smooth out the walls. Plus we want to add gas to the fireplace and maybe some sconces.
    Fireplace Start

    Raise the Roof

    Thursday the roof came down and Friday the roof went back up! We ran by Friday night on our way to the lake and they were finishing up on the roof. I was able to snap a couple of pics before we had to hop back into the car and get out of town fast to avoid lake traffic.

    Front of the House

    Grabbed these shots on Friday night before we headed out of town.
    New Roof

    New Roof (2)

    We took this on Sunday night after we came home. It looks so much nicer now that they cleaned up our yard.
    New roof (3)

    New Roof (4)

    Back of the House

    You can’t see much of the roof on the back, but I figured I should get a shot anyway!
    New Roof Back

    New Roof Back (2)

    Ready For the Roofing

    I came over to check on the house around 5:45 tonight and noticed a crew at the house. Driving up they looked like they were packing up getting ready to go, but when I got closer I noticed that they were unloading. They were just starting their work, which I can’t blame them with this heat. I ran inside to get somethings and check to see if anything happened today, while I was in there it sounded like my house was falling apart with all the scrapping and I was trapped trying to get back outside from all the falling shingles. I was shocked how fast they flew through taking off the roof. Around 6:10 I came out of the house and all of the roof was almost off. We decided to come back by at 8:00PM and they were wrapping things up. They had everything done and prepped to start putting on the new roof.

    Front of the House

    Starting the demo on the new roof….
    Start of the New Roof

    When they left today….
    Halfway Through Roof (2)

    Halfway Through Roof

    Back of the House

    Notice the new walls are now up.
    Back of the House Bedroom 2 Frame

    Bedroom #2

    The walls are up now and the rest of the floor is in.
    Bedroom #2

    Living Room

    All of the HVAC stuff is in and ready to go.
    HVAC is in

    Pocket Door Day

    Not a lot happening today, because they had to move the electricity again, but I was able to go in and see some of the changes made yesterday. They installed all of the pocket doors.. I didn’t realize how many we had.

    Main Floor Bedroom

    They put in the pocket door into the main bathroom and changed the position of the closet with the new vanity area stubbed in.
    Downstairs Bedroom Closet

    Downstairs Bedroom Pocket Door (2)

    Downstairs Bedroom Pocket Door

    Main Floor Bathroom

    They are getting ready for the shower tub combo.
    Downstairs Bathroom Framing

    Master Bathroom

    There is a weird corner to our shower caused from the HVAC, but it made a perfect area to put in a shower bench. They also put in our pocket door coming into the bathroom. Right now we are having a great debate over if the toilet should go next to the shower or next to the tub. The tub would be nice for when I am bathing the baby, but would be the first thing you see walking through the door.
    Master Bath Bench (2)

    Master Bath Bench

    Master Bath Pocket Door

    Bedroom #1

    This room wins for the most pocket doors in the house. I wanted to save space in the bedroom, so I added a pocket door in the very beginning. I planned on leaving the closet open to the bathroom, but everyone convinced me to at least put a pocket door in the closet for privacy.
    Bedroom 1 Closet Pocket Door

    Bedroom 1 Pocket Door (2)

    Bedroom 1 Pocket Door