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Brick And Mortar

Not a whole lot of progress on the job site since I last wrote, but they did what they could. (It probably takes a lot longer to do things than I realize.) They laid out a lot of the cinder blocks. We assumed they filled and then put them in place, but it was interesting to find out that they actually stagger them up using rebar to hold them in place and then they fill them with the mortar.

Front of the House

Brick and Mortar Front

Back of the House

Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar2

Brick and Mortar3

We did have our first casualty today. Our poor fridge got a dent in it. Jay noticed it when he went to check on progress at lunch. Luckily the new door only costs $200 compared to a new fridge.

We also decided on tile! We picked out our Main Bathroom, Both Kids’ Bathrooms, Mater Bathroom, Mudroom and Laundry Room. We are excited to finally have that off our plate. I think poor James at our tile place was getting sick of us. We beat him up one last time before we finally decided on tile. On a side note, I had fun filling out the application for credit. They had me standing behind the desk to type it all in and people assumed I worked there. I had to keep explaining that I was applying for credit. Once I was done and walked back around to the front a lady said that it looked as though I had made a lot of decisions and asked if I could help her out. I just reassured her that what she picked would look great and explained the different types of floors. It was fun to pretend I was some sort of designer (far from it) and give my opinion.

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