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Boo Window

My friend and I were driving back from our girls’ cross country meet and saw a few old windows on the side of the road, so we grabbed one of them. I knew I could get some use out of it.


At first I was going to clean it up and stick it on my Front Room fireplace, but I realized it wouldn’t fit easily. Then I came up with an idea to paint the window and have it outside. I have yet to decorate for Halloween even though Maren, my middle one, has been begging me. She’s even used all my decorations to decorate her own room.

This project was absolutely free and it was fast!


  • Window
  • Paint
  • Sander
  • The first step was to wipe down the window to remove all the dirt.

    One all the dirt was removed, I used my sander to get rid of all the yellow spray foam. I also wanted to smooth the paint out a little.

    I then used a dry erase marker to sketch out how I wanted it to look. (You could also print out your letters on paper and trace it onto the window. I did it on the front of the window, because I wanted to paint the backside of the window. I figured this would help with preventing the paint from washing of if it rained.

    Window Marker

    Next step is to flip the window over and fill that sucker in with paint.
    Window Paint

    I loved how simple this project was and the fact that it was free!
    Window finished

    I decided to plop it on my front porch. Eventually I will get my mums and a wreath to finish my porch.
    Window finished 2

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