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Becoming A Cabinet Expert

**Warning: This is going to be a really long post about cabinets!
We have three main items to decide on today. Audio / Smart Home, Cabinets / Vanities and Doors. The doors were pretty easy. I knew I wanted a two panel door like this one: Two Panel Door
It’s simple and similar to what we had before.

The Audio / Smart Home was a little harder. Jay made a lot of these decisions around where it will all go and what type of equipment we will be using. We decided to wire for all rooms, but only install speakers in some of the rooms. They put a clamp on the speaker wires that are in the wall, so they can go back and find them when we are ready to expand. We figured we could cut some costs by only doing one zone. We picked the kitchen, downstairs back patio, front room, master bedroom and then the family room will have surround sound. At first we had the laundry room, master bedroom, upper back patio and upstairs hallway, but after getting the estimate we reduced it down to just the 4 main areas we plan to entertain in and get the most use out of. Here is our speaker placement for now (minus the wiring):
Speaker Placement

Here’s the tough part, the cabinets. We had to become cabinet experts very quickly and decide on what they looked like and how they functions. I want to make sure we thought of everything when it came to this and hoped we didn’t leave anything out. We have a ton to think about too. We have a kitchen, mudroom pantry, mudroom lockers, laundry room, dining room entertainment center, living room fireplace, downstairs bedroom extra vanity, downstairs bathroom vanity, upstairs hallway, first bedroom knee wall, first bedroom bathroom vanity, back bedroom vanity, and finally master bathroom vanity. I am sure I left something out, but I think that may be it.

Kitchen Cabinets

First to think about is the kitchen. Here is our first draft from the cabinet guy:
Kitchen Cabinet Layout
We have a main sink and a prep sink. I almost wish we put the prep sink on the opposite side of the counter to spread out the sinks. We are going to have an ‘L’ shaped counter top on the island for seating, so the island is a little bigger then what is actually pictured. Another concern I had is that I feel there should be two trash bins. Maybe we can have a small one place under the prep sink. I just feel like one should really be there to accommodate for the main place we will cook at. I also noticed that we don’t have a place marked for the microwave. I think we finally decided on putting it in the mudroom pantry. I wanted it in the island in a drawer, but I was overruled. Still not sure how I feel on that one.

Dining Room Cabinets

Dining Room Cabinets
I think this was Jay’s favorite area of the house. As soon as we started to rebuild, he knew exactly what he wanted this area to look like:

Traditional Kitchen by Boston Kitchen & Bath Designers Dalia Kitchen Design

We are going to put all of our electronics for the main floor in these cabinets, so Mark our contractor had the HVAC guy put in a vent to keep it all cool.

Mudroom Pantry

Mudroom Pantry Cabinets
Originally we had the lockers and pantry on opposite sides, but I figured it would make sense to flip them so you don’t notice the mess in from the lockers as easily. We are also thinking about adding in a door from the kitchen into the mudroom.
Here is a mockup I did with an added microwave. I am not crazy about it yet.
Mudroom Pantry Cabinets - Our Changes

Laundry Room Cabinets

Next is the laundry room:
Laundry Room Cabinets
I am very excited about having my own little nook to work and sew in. It gives me a place to organize all my craft supplies and fabric. The one thing missing on this is a space to put my feet. We also need to decide if we are going to leave the space above the washer and dryer open shelving or put cabinets up.

Bathroom Cabinets

We have very similar bathroom cabinets for the main floor bathroom, upstairs front bedroom and upstairs back bedroom.
Bathroom Cabinets
These should be pretty simple to pick out, but I wanted to make sure we did something that looked nice and would function well. I really like this style:

Traditional Bathroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

But with this color of paint for at least Maren’s room:

Traditional Bathroom by Atlanta Photographers Erica George Dines Photography

Master Bathroom Cabinets

Masterbath Cabinets

Jay and I like a lot of different cabinets. We were leaning towards an open area to put towels. This is the first one we both really liked.

Traditional Bathroom by Denver Interior Designers & Decorators Chalet

Bedroom #1 Knee Wall Cabinets

Bedroom 1 Knee Wall Cabinet Plans

This drawing only shows cabinets with drawers. We plan to redo it to look more like this:
Bedroom 1 Knee Wall Cabinet Plans - Our Changes

We wanted to have drawers on the left of the window and open cubbies and a cabinet to the right.

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