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Bad News / Good News

Bad News: Financing didn’t work out as planned.
Good News: They hadn’t ripped the back of our house off yet.

Unfortunately, our financing didn’t work out as planned. Major lessons learned 1. never trust a banker (sorry if there are any bankers our there) 2. have whatever they say put in writing.

No worries, so far we have other options, however it is slowing us down a few days (hopefully only a few days) and we are on a tight deadline with this baby due on Halloween! On the bright side, we did find out prior to them ripping our house apart. We put all the demo and ripping our house to shreds until lesson #2 happens and we can sign on the line.

So for now our house will stay looking like this:

Before Demo

Before Demo

House Due Date: September 15 Days Left: 151 days left
Baby Due Date: October 31 Days Left: 197 days left

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