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A Backup of My Backup of My Backup

Does anyone else majorly fear of losing their family pictures? I know it is one of the things I worry about all the time. Below are some of my tips of how I organize and protect my digital pictures. It helps me sleep better at night when all my images are organized.

  • I have a mirrored backup. I have my images on two different external hard drives. Those puppies are known for dying all the time. So much so that I have both my external hard drives plugged in when I download my images off of my memory cards. An alternative would be to back-up to the cloud. I just prefer external drives over the cloud. Plus external drives are becoming cheaper by the day.
  • Organize by Year, Month, then by Day with Event. I have my images well organized so I can easily find them as long as my memory can recall the timeframe the image took place. If you look at my hard drive, I have a folder for each year (Ex. 2014), then you can drill down to see each month in the year (EX: March), then by Day with the event that took place (Ex: 10.25.2013 – Coens Birth.) It’s gives me a little peace of mind knowing that they are all organized.
  • Village Cape Cod house pics live somewhere else. My kiddos come first, so I try not to combine the two. I don’t worry about preserving my house pictures as much, which helps free up space on my hard drive. I figure that I can always come to the blog to grab the picture.
  • Family Blog. I keep a personal blog about the kids. Once a year I export it to a hardbound book by using http://blog2print.sharedbook.com. I plan to give each of the children a book for each year at their high school graduation of all our family memories. Plus it gives our photos a purpose. We take so many images that aren’t picture frame worthy, but we love the memories behind them.
  • Organize when you move your photos off your memory card. I try to plan ahead prior to a big event where I will be taking a ton of photos, but there are times when I let all five of my memory cards load up. That’s when I get in a hurry and just dump all my images onto my hard drive without organizing. This causes a huge headache and more work later on.
  • Devote time. As I see my camera’s memory cards fill up, I try to devote a late night at moving them off. I only delete them off of my memory card if both of my external hard drives have a copy of the image.
  • What tips do you have for all your precious family memories? Does anyone else out there fear losing their memories? I don’t know how many horror stories I have heard of people losing their images. It happened to me one time and I vowed it would be the last!

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