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Back to School Blues

It is happening tomorrow unfortunately and I wish I could hold it off, but the girls are headed back to school. The kids actually seem excited, but I enjoyed having them home this summer. Some of those reasons are selfish (easy to pop out of bed and head to work), but I also loved having them around all the time. It seemed like the summer flew by and I am barely prepared for the new school year. At least the girls are organized and ready to go.

Here is our checklist of everything we did prior this weekend to prepare:

  • Back to School Clothes Shopping :: Maren counted down the days for this and she ended up getting the least!
  • School Supply Shopping :: This year Alexa has a locker for the first time, so I let her get some extra special locker items. Maren’s special item was her backpack. At the last second her dad ran her to a store to get one. We made her sign a contract that she won’t get a new one until high school, because she had to have a Vera Bradley backpack. I usually allow the girls to get a new backpack every two years, but this one will need to last at least 4 due to its price.
  • Labeling of All Items :: We brought our good ‘ole Sharpie out and labeled everything in sight and the girls organized them all. I remember as a little girl spending hours organizing and re-organizing all my new supplies.
  • Lunch and Snacks :: Jay ran to the store to get lunches and snacks for this week. It’s only a 4 day week, so we didn’t have to buy too much.
  • Closing of Summer :: We ended our summer with a nice weekend at the lake with the cousins.
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    One thing I regret not doing are haircuts, but the girls aren’t complaining. The hate their haircut! They both want super long hair.

    What are your back to school traditions?

    I am still a little in shock that I have a middle schooler. Can I really be that old already? She is officially in 7th grade! I still can’t get over it. She is half way through her school years already, which worries me that she will be off to college before I know it. My husband teases me about how crazy I will be when that happens and how I need to start preparing now.

    Did I mention that my kids will never again attend the same school?

    Maren got one of the teacher she wanted (she really wanted a new teacher that played professional soccer) this year and actually got some of her friends in her class. The past couple of years she has only had one or two in her class, so I think this is going to be a fun year for her.

    I also made bag tags using a word business card template (Avery 15671) for the girls for a first day of school surprise. Their bags had a card holder, but FedEx/Kinkos has bag tags at their stores that you can laminate your tags and buy there.
    bag tags

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