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Amy Adams and I Have 2 Things in Common….

The obvious on is our name and the second one is that we both gave up a first class seat to someone.

Here is Amy Adams’s story if you haven’t heard yet.


Here is my story.

I was running late to my Sunday night flight to get me to my soldering school for the Air Force Reserves (jealous already, right?). When I got there the airline told me that even though the flight hadn’t even arrived to pick us up that they could not allow me to be on the flight. It was right after 9-11, so everyone was really touchy still and rules where in a lock down. After a few exchanged words between each other (which most likely was the reason I wound up on the no fly list) it was decided that the flight would leave without me once it came. After sitting there watching the plane arrive, load and take-off, the airline gave me the option to standby on the next flight. The trick was that the flight wasn’t full leaving Kansas City, but it looked packed on my connecting flight. I had no choice but to risk it.

I was able to make my Kansas City flight, so I ran to the Customer Service desk to see where I was at on the stand-by list. They said unfortunately it didn’t look very good and to top it all, it was the last flight for the night. Not only did I not know where I would stay that night, but I was also upset b/c this would cause me to be late to my class the next day. Not good. Being late for anything for the military is never a good thing. So my only option was to beg and plead to be on the next flight. I even offered to do the jump seat or fly in the cargo area. The guy thought I was pretty funny (or desperate) and said that he hoped that I made it on, but couldn’t promise me anything.

Did that guy deliver? Not only did I get on the next flight, but I also had a first class ticket. Whew. I made it. I was sitting in my first class seat 100% relieved from this horrible day event when a lady sat down beside me. She had the same expressions I had, so I started a conversation with her. Basically she said that she had waited over 12 hours on stand-by and finally got on. She was happy about that, but unfortunately her 75 year old mother didn’t make it. Since she had to work the next day, they had decided that she would go first and her mom would fly out the next day.

Eventually, everyone loaded the plane. Then all of a sudden this old lady walked on who seemed very excited. As she approached I realized that the old lady was the women beside me’s mom. As she started to pass, I realized that these two should sit together and relax in first class. I knew they had a hard day and they both deserved it. Plus, I was truly happy to just be on the flight and I really didn’t care where to sit. Instantly, I told her to take my seat and I would take hers in coach. Both ladies were so sweet and thanked me over and over as I gathered my stuff to head to the back of the plane.

I finally got to the back and took my seat. As I was sitting there a stewardess came up to me and said in a very stern voice that I needed to come to the back of the plane. I instantly thought the lady I exchanged words with in the beginning of this day in Kansas City, somehow contacted her and that she was either going to jump me with the other stewardess friends or kick me off the plane. I just knew I was in trouble again…
As I headed to the back of the plane, the ladies back there basically started asking me a million questions as to why I would possibly give up my first class seat to this lady. They were convinced that the old lady forced me too. I kept apologizing and saying that I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to do that and that I just wanted to stay on the flight. I explained the whole story to them and they all started laughing. They said I wasn’t in trouble and one stewardess said that in 20 years she had never witnessed someone giving up their first class seat voluntarily. They promised from that moment on that they would treat me as if I was still in first class.

As I took my seat, so the plane could take off, they all kept coming up to me asking me if I need anything and giving me drinks and magazines. They even offered to package up a bottle of wine for the road, which I turned down. The couple next to me turned to me and asked if I was famous or something? I just said no and that I simply did something nice.

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