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Alexa’s Room

Alexa had just repainted her bedroom about 6 months before our remodel. It used to be pink with green ceilings and she just outgrew the light pink color:
Before Alexa's Room

Then we changed to her new teal color that she got to pick out herself and she loved it:
Alexa's Room 2

Alexa's Room

You can also check out her old room here:

She still wants to stick with her new teal walls (they look blue in the above pictures), so here is the color scheme I was thinking:
Alexa's Paint

Both girls wanted the same color walls. Maren likes hot pink and Alexa really liked the coral, so I think I can do two rooms that have the same wall color but will look completely different. Because of all of the changes in her room, I think I am going to have to get rid of some of the furniture. Most likely her chair and her desk will need to go to accommodate her new vanity area and the pocket wall into the bathroom. She has mentioned that she didn’t want to get rid of her desk, but I think once we move in and she sees how it all fits into the space she will understand.

We did find sconces for her vanity area. Pottery Barn Kids was also having 15% off this week on any purchases, so we were able to save a little bit and find the color that matches her room. All of her furniture is a little off white and Pottery Barn just happens to be the same off white color:
Pottery Barn Sconce - Carolina

Click here to go to Pottery Barn’s site.

Here is my to-do list for Alexa’s Room (not as much compared to other rooms):

  • Find new curtains
  • Find a new rug
  • Maybe a new bedspread
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