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4th of July Granite Countertops

Each summer holiday all of the Teeter family comes down to hang out at the lake together. It’s a packed house, but we always have fun together. The kids typically fish and swim all day, while the adults sit out and watch. My favorite part is usually taking all the kids jet skiing, but this year I had to sit out and watch everyone.

Earlier we had mentioned that we were going to get rid of our granite countertops during our rebuild, so Jay asked his family if the granite tops would fit at the lakehouse. The aunts all measured and figured that it would fit if was trimmed down a little.

We headed down a day earlier then everyone else, so we weren’t there when the uncles came to pick the granite up from our house. With help from our neighbors they were successful at getting it loaded into the truck. That same day the uncles all got to work uninstalling the current counter and cutting back the granite to fit. They installed it all in record time. Overall, I think they look pretty good. Plus, its a bonus anytime we can reuse instead of trash something.

Our Old House

Here is a pic of what they looked like when we had them installed in our galley kitchen in 2011 before our rebuild. Who knew we would end up redoing our whole house a couple years later.
Old kitchen counter

Teetor Lakehouse

This is a shot of the countertop’s new home. I like how the old and the new goes together. I was afraid the new granite tops would look awkward with the old kitchen cabinets.
Next they plan to redo the backsplash to fit in better with the counter tops.
Lakehouse Countertops (2)

Lakehouse Countertops

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