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The Dirt That Can Be Dug Up In A Day

Today the most work was done to date, so now it feels like we are really doing this thing.

This is what I saw when I drove up after work:

The girls thought it was fun to watch the guy on the bobcat scoop up the dirt and take it to the front of the house to dump it in his truck. They would run back and forth from the front of the house to the back of the house each time.

Front of the House

The sidewalk and porch are gone now. They said the cement was extremely strong, so they had to keep checking on our basement to make sure that our foundation was solid. I am glad I didn’t know until after the fact, because I would have been a nervous wreck. Our foundation is one of our main concerns going into the project. Cinder block was what was used during the 1940’s instead of poured basements, so we made sure to hire a structural engineer when we moved in five years ago. We are also going to keep an eye on it through this rebuild.
Sidewalk Demo

Sidewalk Demo2

Sidewalk Demo3

Back of the House

The back of the house was completly different. We got the chance to watch the guy dig the hole for a little bit. I never realized that they scooped the dirt up and hauled it to another truck to have it hauled away. I guess I assumed that they would just make one big dirt pile in my back yard.

During the dig, they found an old cement patch where our old circle patio was. They said it looked like it was the size to hold down an basketball hoop. They were able to dig that patch up and haul it off too.

Back of House Demo
I got this shot from my neighbors house. Thankfully they don’t mind me going into their yard to see up close.

Back of House Demo2

Back of House Demo3

Back of House Demo4

Back of House Demo5

Back of House Demo6

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